Monday, 14 May 2012

New Novella out at Amazon

I've been working on a few short stories and working on other bits of writing as well. Just to let you know I have another short story out on Amazon. This one is about a serial killer so be warned!! :-)

Detective Frank Shaw and his partner Ted are called out to a crime scene at 2am in the morning. Another victim has been found and it seems that it has been done by the same killer.

The victims all have the same things in common, blond, glamour models, twenty three and live alone. It becomes worrying to the detectives that it seems to be happening every three weeks. But soon something in the killers pattern changes. Suddenly the killer stops following the three week pattern and is randomly killing women. He seems desperate.

Running out of time the detectives have to find the killer quick and there is one thing all the models have in common that connects them. Facebook. Through searching the profiles of these women it leads them closer to the killer. But as they get closer to catching the killer they find out something more disturbing. Even though there is one killer, it seems the killer has more up his sleeve than they expected.

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