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Is it possible to fall in love with your husband over and over again, every day for the rest of your life? Alicia soon finds out what really matters, and that life can be so much more amazing when there is someone to love!
Alicia Swan-Hudson is a kick ass attorney. She’s managed to build her firm from the ground up to be one of the most sort out firms in the country. Alicia has never shied away from a fight, and when needed she can be brutal, not only in court, but as a boss. But lately she’s becoming worse. Not only do her senior partners want to throw her out of her own company, clients are threatening to leave. They’re worried that Alicia is losing it, and soon Alicia is beginning to feel the same way.

She’s been having headaches and memory loss, and as time goes on she becomes more aggressive, leaving them with no choice but to try and get rid of her. Her husband, Spencer is of no hope. The investment banker was on the verge of divorcing her, she was just too much for him to handle until some news changes their lives forever.  Spencer begins to realise again just why he fell in love with Alicia!

Hi Alicia. It’s me, Spencer, your husband. I’m sure you’re freaking out right now, but don’t. Everything is okay. You’ve just lost parts of your memory. I’m not sure there’s an easy way to say this, but you have to know why you don’t remember much. You were diagnosed with a brain tumour a few months ago. It’s taking away your memory, your long term memory. You’ll be able to recall this event, but by tomorrow when you wake up, you’ll have forgotten it. But don’t worry. I’m here to help you through this every step of the way.
Beside you is a laptop. It’s just beside the bed. I’ve left it on for you to explore. I’ve created a facebook page for us, so that every single day, it will remind you of who you are, and friends and family will post and do the same. If you take a moment and just have a look, it will give you an idea of who you are. Once you’ve opened the page, switch this back on and I’ll guide you through it.
I love you.
She lay there for a minute taking this in. It was weird hearing that she was married and that she was losing her memory. It was scary. Finally she sat up and picked up the laptop. The page was already set. She switched the recorder back on. It was lucky that she was still able to read, but that wasn’t guaranteed to stay. The first page was a facebook video. Alicia clicked on it.
‘Hello!’ It was her mother. ‘It’s me, mum. Spencer asked me to record this and tell you just how important and special you are. We’ve managed to put a little video together of you as a little girl, so here it is.’
The video started with pictures of Alicia as a baby. There were so many of her. She smiled slightly at some of the funny ones. There were pictures of her and Monica, of her and her father, which explained that he’d passed away. There were pictures of her as a teen, first boyfriends and graduation.
‘You are such a smart woman with a sharp tongue.’ Her mother said. ‘You built yourself up and created your very own law firm. You’re so special and I’m so…Priscilla began to cry. ‘You’d tell me not to cry right now.’ She laughed.
Alicia smiled and felt a pang of sadness even though she couldn’t remember any of this. ‘You are amazing and you continue to be so.’
‘Yes you are, you’ve always kicked my ass, told me to stop being a victim and own my own life. I love you for that sis.’ Monica joined in. ‘You are my hero! I love you.’ Monica began to cry. ‘And don’t tell me to stop crying!’
Alicia laughed lightly and at the same time a tear drizzled down her cheek.
‘Anyway I’m a strong woman because of you. But now it’s time for Spencer to take over. It was his idea.’
Spencer came on camera with his big smile and beautiful green eyes. Alicia liked him already. ‘Not that you deserve a superhot man like him!’ Monica pulled her tongue like a child would.
Alicia laughed and snorted at the same time.
‘Hi honey,’ said Spencer. ‘Yes I’m the husband. The man who serves you hand and foot.’ He laughed. ‘You are honestly the love of my life. You’re very hard to please, so I hope this is making you smile somehow. I’ve uploaded a few pictures of us and our wedding day. Take a look. I hope you enjoy it.’

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


This story is different from my other stories. I guess it was just a story I wanted to tell. Hope you enjoy!

Two men, one woman. One a hybrid vampire werewolf, the other a vampire. One good, one evil, but they both have one thing in common. Their love for the same woman, or so it seems.  Over the centuries they've fought, and each time they've lost. But this time things are different. If they lose her this time, she’s never coming back. But how can Umi fall in love with men she doesn't remember, and when she doesn't know who she is? 
Every time it draws close to Umi’s twenty third birthday there is a threat of a spell being broken over her life. If this happens, and she finds out who she truly is, her true nature is revealed.

Too many people don’t want this to happen and this causes Umi to fight for her own life. 


He did it again and this time a drop of blood trickled down her neck. He licked it slowly and shut his eyes a moment as he tamed the beast within.
‘Is everything alright?’ she asked.
‘Everything is perfect.’ He looked at her with eyes that had changed. The veins showed through his skin. ‘I’m perfect.’
His cold look as if he were dead was a turn on. She found herself yearning for him more than she’d ever yearned for anyone. He dropped his head and explored her delicious body. His teeth pierced her waist gently, she gasped smiling and enjoying every moment of the little pain he inflicted upon her. Again there was a trail of blood making its way down the side of her body.
‘Shit!’ He licked up the drop and some colour returned to his skin. ‘God I love this!’

This story is available at all outlets!

Friday, 27 November 2015

The Devil Crucified

This is just a story about domestic abuse and the way it has affected the main character. If you're squirmish then it is best not to read this story. 

Ariella has murdered her husband in the most heinous way possible. Brian Lawrence was a God fearing man and people have nothing but good things to say about him. So why on earth did Ariella kill him?  And why in such a brutal way?

It’s Lillian’s job to figure out if Ariella is criminally insane or just a psychopath. But how can she be the latter if she’s never done this before? As the story unfolds, questions are answered. And soon things come to light. 


‘He’d make me pray to him. Make me beg his forgiveness. He said he was god. That he was my saviour and without him I was nothing! Nothing!’
It was the first time she’d seen Ariella upset. That showed that she was feeling something about all this. 
‘He would whip me, my back and my body. All the hidden parts, the parts my clothes covered. Once he was done, he’d force me to... So…’ She gazed at the bookcase again.
‘So what?’ 
‘So since he wanted to be the saviour, it was fitting that he died like one!’

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Missing Man (Master series book 2)

The second book to the Master series is now available at Amazon

Ayanda and Travis plan to start their new life in secret, but there is more to this. Travis hasn’t just located them to an unknown place, he’s located them next to a family he wants to watch. There is more going on than Ayanda knows, and there is a lot more for her to do.

Ma’am has become dangerous than ever, and seems to be slowly losing the control of her organisation. It seems that the two parties will meet at some point, but it’s not for the reason you think. Ma’am is looking for a very important man to this whole puzzle. If she can get to him first the better. But it seems that Master has already started looking for him too. He’s the key to the end or the beginning of the worst that could happen. It all depends upon who finds him first!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

It Started with Hello

Sometimes a broken heart can lead a person to the love they truly deserve. This was the case for Jessica. Her broken heart brought her love, and she soon discovers that there are no mistakes in life, just lesson. I hope you enjoy!

And she thought she’d never fall in love again. It turned out, life had a different plan. Jessica’s faith in men had just about vanished until a different man stepped into her life and said, ‘Hello.’

‘I don’t know who broke your heart, but whoever he is I’m going to kick the shit out of him, because I will not be punished for his mistakes. And when I’m done with him, no man will ever break your heart again. I won’t let them.’
She almost burst into tears. Who the hell was this man and why now?
‘Listen,’ she said. ‘No one broke my heart and I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I’m not interested.’
‘But I am. Come for coffee with me. You’ve got an hour to spare, and so do I.’
‘No.’ she said. She wouldn’t be charmed into another trap.
‘No?’ People didn’t say no to him.
‘No.’ She repeated.
He smiled. ‘May I ask why?’
‘I just don’t want to.’
‘Fair enough. How about I go and get us some coffee and I’ll stand here with you.’
‘Why would you do that?’
‘Because I fell in love.’
‘What’s wrong with you?’
‘Honestly, I don’t know.’ He laughed. ‘But this has never happened to me before. If I walk away it might never happen again.’
She laughed lightly. ‘You know, I’m so sick of men like you.’
‘Men like me? I knew some dick broke your heart. I refuse to pay for his shitty behaviour. Bear in mind not all men are the same.’
‘I wouldn’t know would I? I have a tendency to get stuck with men like that.’
‘Well then. Let me prove to you that not all men are dickheads. Not all men are a-holes, or whatever you want to call them. There are some good men out there. I’m one of them.’

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trouble Makers (Unbreakable series book 3)

The final part to Annabella and Jeffery is now available on Amazon. I hope you enjoy the end of this story. I really enjoyed telling it. It's time for me to get onto other things!

Annabella is almost happy until Jackson shows up. This confuses everything. Jackson thinks he can enter and exit as he likes, but he’ll be in for a big surprise. Annabella isn’t the same woman he left behind. She’s strong, independent and isn’t afraid to go for what she wants. But it seems Jackson won’t just go away, he’s like a pesky fly that keeps buzzing around. Perhaps Jeff is the person to finally get rid of that fly.
On the other hand, Rylie and Vincent won’t walk away either. Annabella and Jeff are trying to start a life of their own, but it doesn’t seem to be going to plan. Perhaps the fairy-tale ending isn’t insight, or maybe it is and they just have to fight through the things life has brought them. Only love will bring them through it in the end. The question is, is their love strong enough to do just that?

Friday, 23 October 2015

Not Just Yet (Unbreakable series)

The second part to this series is now available at Amazon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm onto the next part and it will be out pretty soon too!

Annabella is faced with a new challenge. She has a new boss she has the hots for, but her work colleagues don’t seem too thrilled about her. Jeffrey Banks hired her for her balls. She didn’t seem afraid to assert herself, but as challenges come her way, she wonders if she can be that woman. He pushes her to do things she never thought she’d do, and it gets a lot of people upset. But the pair seem to be getting along just fine, it looks like romance is in the air. But not everyone wants this romance to blossom, so it’s going to take a lot more than romance to keep Annabella and Jeffery Banks floating on cloud nine.

Now Available at Amazon 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Different Kind Of Woman (UNBREAKABLE SERIES)

This is part of a new series I've started. I'm really enjoying this story and I hope you do too. It's nice when you get out of a hard situation. You finally discover who you really are!

What happens when your life hits rock bottom? Can you get back up again?

Annabella is no ordinary woman, and finding Jackson had been a blessing. It had taken awhile to find the one. Jackson was it, or so she thought. He accepted her for who she was. He didn’t care about her weight. In fact, Jackson loved her round hips and bum. His favourite feature had always been her legs. Annabella had a great pair of shapely legs. He loved her in every way possible, and when she’d had their son, it was the happiest time of their lives.

But soon Annabella is faced with the biggest change of her life on her wedding day. From that day forth, her life is changed forever. What she once thought was, might no longer be. Annabella rediscovers who she is. She finds herself again, after realising she’d been lost all along. 


Annabella woke up with a splitting headache. She couldn’t remember the events of yesterday after the fourth glass of vodka. She looked around, Lewis had obviously gone home. It made sense for him to do so. What about Tommy? She rolled out of bed and crawled across the floor to retrieve her mobile phone. There were eleven missed calls and two messages. She dialled her messages. 

Hey sis, you okay? Just to let you know I’m keeping Tommy over with us today, I will drop him off tomorrow afternoon, after dinner. Love you.

The second message was from her mother. There was nothing from Jackson. Her stomach knotted again, the fear gripped her. Had he left her for another woman? There had been no sign that he’d been seeing someone, or had she been so busy with her business to even notice anything. Annabella ran her own advertising agency, so far it had done well, but they had had a few bad times. It still hadn’t fully recovered, but with Jacksons great salary the family had been able to stay afloat. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to go back and face work, but that wasn’t to happen for another two weeks.

She gazed at her phone, her head feeling as though it would split in half. She could almost hear Lewis telling her not to call him, but how could she not. They were supposed to be married, and away on honeymoon. The honeymoon! That package had been wasted! She burst into tears again and lay on the carpet howling with pain.

‘Why, why did you do this to me?’ She cried. ‘Why. Where are you?’ It was so painful to even think about it, but it was unavoidable.


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

London (Beyond Darkness series book 6)

Book six to the Beyond Darkness series is now available at Amazon.

Victor has to save London, but first he must find out where she is. To do this he has to go back to his old ways even after he promised not to. Victor has to find out what Sebastian wants in order to get London back. But Sebastian uses this to his advantage and keeps Victor guessing for a short while.
Things turn for the worst and the hope of finding London become slim. Victor will have to do one thing that might save her life, and that’s give up himself for her. But not all is what it seems. Only time will tell if Victor wins again.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Slave Girl ( Master series)

Nobody has seen the face of the man called master, the most powerful man in the country.  He is the man who has eyes on everything and everyone, and could attack out of nowhere. How can one fight an enemy they don’t see, a man who controls the web?  Everyone and anyone with a digital footprint is at his mercy. Master isn’t who you think he is, and when, Ayanda, slave girl, catches his attention, all hell breaks loose.  Slave Girl is about to meet the man who will change her life forever!

Available now on Amazon

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wicked Games (Wicked Billionaires book 3)

The final part to wicked Billionaires is now available. Hope you enjoy!


Ashford has finally found the love of his life, but it might be too l late. His wicked games may have caught up with him. Franklin doesn't like the idea of Ashford’s and Grace’s relationship, and will do anything to destroy it. But not everything is as it seems. Even though Franklin won’t admit it, his son is a lot like him.

The truth of it all will soon be revealed. Can Ashford and Grace survive? As Franklin fights harder and harder it seems unlikely that the two will be together. How strong is love, and how much is enough to keep them together. In the end will money or love win? 

Available at Amazon, ARE, Kobo, soon available at B&N, 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Wicked Games (Wicked Billionaires) Book 1

Something for the weekend. This is a new series I've started about some really horrible billionaires. It seems their lives will be turned around, and most likely taste their own medicine. 

Brett offers half of his shares to Ashford if he chats up the curvy woman at the other end of the coffee shop. Not only does Ashford have to ask her out, but has to make her fall in love with him. Ashford hates the challenge. He doesn’t fancy bigger women.

‘I told you I’d get you back. Forsake your model types for her.’ Brett nodded towards Grace who was stuffing her face with apple pie.
‘I can’t do it.’
‘It will be as easy as pie, look at her, and look at you. She’ll be in your arms in no time.
Ashford looked at the woman.
‘Here’s the catch. It’s not going to be that easy. You have to make her fall in love with you. Once she’s fallen in love with you, you dump her. Let her fall apart, let her double that pie and body weight. Only then will you get my shares. If you don’t complete the challenge, I take half your shares.’
Ashford loved the risk of losing it all. That was the thrill of the challenges. He took one last look back at her, and then back at his friend.
And so the wicked games began.


Drop them.’ He waited.
Brett eyed the guy again. He had to do this or loose. He’d lost a challenge before, but it was only two million pounds. That was pocket change. But now the challenges were getting riskier. They were challenging each other to do things they knew the other would be a bit disgusted to do.
He began to unbuckle. He could lose. He’d have to let this man whore suck his dick. The jeans dropped to the floor.
‘This is fucked up.’
‘Make him come.’ Ashford laughed. ‘If you don’t come, I win.’
He stood in his boxers a little hesitant. This was going to be fun. Ashford pulled out his mobile, and aimed it at Brett.
‘Do your job,’ Ashford told the man. ‘And make it good. You’ve got to earn that thousand bucks.’ He laughed.
The man walked up towards Brett. It was clear that he’d done this many times before. It was his job to get paid thousands of pounds to suck dick for the rich. He fell to his knees, and was face to face with Brett’s limp dick.
‘Shit.’ Brett held onto his forehead.
‘Want to back out?’
‘No fucking way.’ He got himself ready.
The man pulled down Brett’s boxers, and took the limp member into his hand.
‘Shit!’ He covered his eyes.
Ashford was in stitches, he found it hard to keep the camera straight.
The man licked up and down the limp cock until it stiffened.
‘Oh. Look at that!’ Ashford focused the camera. ‘You do like dick after all.’
‘Fuck off! You’re going to pay for this…shit!’ His head fell back as the man took in the bellend and teased it expertly.
‘Oh shit!’ The movements excited Brett. He hated to admit it, but the man gave a good blow job.
Just outside the doors of the private room, the waiter was anxious. He kept up serving the customers, but kept looking at the entrance. He’d given the correct time. Where was she? Just as he was about to take another order he noticed the red head enter the club.
‘I’ll be one second.’ He told the customers, and rushed towards her. ‘You’re late, you might not get anything.’
‘Sorry. I got caught up in something else juicy,’ said Anna. ‘What are those spoilt rich boys up to now?’
‘Well you better hurry up if you want to see. Private room number thirty two, and leave my name out of it.’
‘Don’t worry.’ She rushed off. The waiter went back to serving customers.
‘Oh fuck!’ Brett was getting closer to coming. He placed his hands behind the man’s head and brought him closer.
This Ashford had to see. He moved in closer, capturing every movement and every sound. Brett was beyond caring. His mind was on the exhilarating feeling on his member. Just as he was about to splash out into the man’s mouth, the door flung open. There was a flash of a camera. Everything was done so quickly, neither of them had the time to understand what was happening.
‘Fuuuuuk!’ He came in the man’s mouth breathing heavily.
Ashford dropped the phone, and chased after the lady who had taken the pictures, but it was too late. She’d disappeared between the crowds. Anna was good at her job. When she wanted dirt, she got dirt.
‘Fuck!’ Ashford knew this would not be good. ‘Sorry mate, that was unexpected.’
‘You think! My father will kill me! Everyone’s going to think I’m gay!’ He zipped up his jeans. ‘This is fucked up!’

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Trouble Maker (Inmate book 2)

Sometimes the one you want is not the one for you. Bad decisions equal bad income. Regina finds herself in a sticky situation, and can’t find a way out. And just when she thinks things can’t get worse, they do. Life hasn’t been very fair, and she hasn’t exactly made the right choices. Can her mistakes ever be fixed? Or has she gone too deep.

Love and lust has blinded her to what is. Trevor is a man who knows just how to make a woman feel wanted. The only problem is, Regina hasn’t taken time to see behind the mask. Only when it’s too late does she see him for who he was all along. 

This story is now available at Amazon

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Day I Died

This is a standalone story I decided to write. It might be a bit confusing, but I hope you understand what I was trying to put across. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Sapphire died yesterday, but it’s not the way you think. Eric, the man she’s married to isn’t the man he claims to be, and a lot has been sacrificed. On the surface Sapphire seems like a weak woman, keen to please her husband. It’s his way or the highway. No one sees that there is something else going on beneath the surface. It takes time, but the sacrifice she has made will finally become worth it in the end.
Sapphire knows never to judge a book by its cover, but before that can happen, she has to go where no one has gone before. It’s a story about love, sacrifice and finally justice.


He was silent, which made it worse. From out of that silence violence could erupt. I just stood still like a fool. Tears stung my throat. I know why I was crying. It made this much more difficult. His eyes moved from me and then back to the television a few times. I wondered what was going through his head. Wondered what he gained from portraying such behaviour. It was the worst feeling not knowing which way this would turn out. It was like waiting for a volcano to erupt. Knowing it would erupt at some point, but not knowing when.
A thought hit me. Perhaps it was time to break this craziness. Perhaps it was the right time to put an end to this. I looked at the exit. The key was in the front door. It would take too long to turn the key and run out the door. I know where I’d go! How would I get past him? It was a crazy thought, but it had to be done. This had all been a mistake. I had to set myself free! I took a few deep breaths. I watched as he took a sip of the tea. That was my cue. He wouldn’t be a hundred percent alert, nor would he expect that I’d make a run for it.
It was instant. I ran past him. The tea cup fell from his grip and he was right behind me. My hand turned the key, the door opened, I felt the sun on my skin, but just as I was about to step out, I was pulled back in. The door shut instantly and I was dragged back into the living-room by the hair. It felt like I was being burned by a relaxer. He spared nothing, he made sure I felt the pain.

Available at all outlets.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Convict (Inmate) Vol I

What happens when you find yourself falling for a convicted serial killer? That’s what happens to Doctor Regina Lawrence. Regina is hired by the police department to help them get convicted serial killer, Trevor Stackhouse, to tell them where he’s hidden some of the bodies.
As she gets to know this charming man, she begins to question her sanity. Trevor is one step ahead of her and he cleverly makes her a deal. She gets to keep her famous reputation in exchange for giving him her time.

Even though he’s given her a choice, the truth is, she had no choice. Regina finds herself caught up in a difficult situation, and there is no getting out. Now she has to deal with Trevor whether she likes it or not.

Available at Amazon


‘Deal?’ he smiled against her lips.
‘Deal.’ She couldn’t help herself.
‘Good.’ He gazed directly into her eyes. ‘Open your legs.’ He crouched.
Her middle clenched. Had she heard him right?
‘Open your legs for me. I want to see how wet I’ve made you.’
Was she really going to do this? Not only was this against her practice, to get involved with a patient. He was a murderer. She’d gone insane! His soft lips against hers controlled the next movement. Her legs opened, and revealed the saturated silk.
‘That’s it. A bit more,’ he whispered.
She widened further. He ran his cuffed hand up her thigh, and soon his thumb was pressed against her silk panties.
‘You are so wet.’
He pushed the silk to the side to reveal her swollen lips, and began to play with her wet lips gently.
‘Oh god,’ she panted.
‘That’s it. Breathe on me.’ He pressed his thumb harder against her middle.
‘This…this is wrong...’
‘Is this wrong?’ He circled her clit with his thumb and then pushed it into her. ‘Tell me how wrong this is.’ He moved faster.
She couldn’t speak. Instead she tried her best not to shout out loud. With his other hand he took the pen and pushed it into the side of his shoe. She was far gone. He kept speaking to her. Telling her just how delicious she was.
‘Shit!’ she let out a little loud.
‘Come for me,’ he whispered and he placed his other hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. ‘Come for me before the guards walk in.’ His touch, his thumb in her middle made it hard for her to breathe. All reasoning had left her. All she felt was the urge to orgasm. The tension, the threat that they could get caught heightened it all. This wasn’t who she was, but as she opened her legs further and accepted his thumb as he fucked her, she was exactly who she needed to be.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Missing Persons (Into Darkness Vol 2)

Did she feed Gavin to her party guests? That’s to be seen. What drives someone to murder? Debra has crossed over to the dark side, and there is no turning back. Killing has liberated her in a way she never expected. Debra now sees life in a different light. The woman who had once been Debra is no longer there. Even Julian will realise that. But how long can she fool everyone? How will it end for her? Sometimes a person can only live a day at a time, and only wait and see what the future holds.


‘Are you accusing me of something because if you are I have to call my lawyer. There will be no more questions.’
He put the coffee mug on the counter. And gazed at her. He couldn’t help it. He should’ve left, got in another detective who wasn’t going to be blinded by her seductiveness, but he couldn’t move.
‘What did he do to you?’ he asked as he moved closer to her, his eyes on hers. ‘What did your husband do to you to make you this way?’ He took the mug from her hand and put it down.
She’d thought that this was her game, but the man standing ever so close had taken back the game. It was in his power to do as he pleased. She was already weakened by him.
‘Tell me.’ He lifted her chin, his lips so close to hers she felt his warm breath. ‘There is something about you I just can’t shake.’
She watched him, not sure how to respond.
‘I’ve been going through it in my mind, over and over again and it all trails back to you. He hurt you didn’t he?’ He pulled the belt to the gown and it opened. She gasped, she should’ve walked away, but she didn’t want to. ‘I saw the bruises, and we both know you didn’t fall down the stairs.’
‘What do you want?’
He thought he knew what he wanted, but now he wasn’t so sure. Instead of an answer he pressed his lips against hers hard. The gown fell to the floor, and with seconds he lifted her to the kitchen counter, spread her legs and pulled down his trousers. In a matter of moments he was fucking her! Hard! Fast! And animalistic! Their bodies spoke, reason went out the window. This wasn’t what he’d planned, but it didn’t come to mind. She was too delicious to resist, too hard to keep his dick in his pants. The woman on the counter, shouting and screaming had just taken his world and turned it upside down and complicated it.
A Volvo parked just outside the house. Julian had been worried. He’d called her all morning and still hadn’t got an answer. He hoped she was okay. He noticed the black Mondeo and pondered a moment. Why was it there? Did this have something to do with the case? He’d seen cars like that before. Usually at court hearings.
‘Shit!’ he rushed for the door. She probably needed his help.
Instead of ringing the bell like he normally would, he turned the handle and stepped in. He noticed the suitcases, and then he heard the sounds. At first he thought she was being hurt and rushed towards the sounds until he saw them. A bare white bum with caramel legs wrapped around it.
‘Fuck! YES! Fuuuuuuk!’ She screamed. ‘He made me this way!’ she shouted. ‘Fuck!’ His thick cock pounded harder and harder. He panted, he groaned, grasped her chin between his hand! The two were oblivious to the audience they’d just obtained.
Shattered he stepped back and leaned into the wall out of sight.
‘Oh god yes! Yes! YES!’ she screamed louder and louder.
Julian’s hands turned to fists as he heard them pant and yell, and as they finally reached their climax. It was supposed to be him. She’d opened up to him! He’d waited for her for so long, and this man just walks in and takes her! He was seething. There were no words to describe what he felt. He didn’t know whether he should stay or go. It was complicated.

Available at Amazon 

Friday, 22 May 2015

MONSTER (Into Darkness book 1)

Gorgeous, sexy, hot! Is that all it takes? Does hot and sexy mean nice too? What happens when you give up everything for the man you love and adore?
Debra gave up law school to support the love of her life, Gavin. Gavin and his partner Julian started a law firm, and became extremely successful. But instead of thanks and love, Debra finds out she gave it all up for a monster. And she can’t get away. He would hunt her down and kill her if she ever tried to get away. No one would believe a word she said, even with the bruises to show.
Debra is trapped in a pretentious perfect life. She smiles at the right time, she’s the perfect wife, friend and dinner host. Debra bends over backwards for everyone but herself.

 But things change when she hosts another one of their dinner parties. Debra steps into darkness, and she might never get out again.

Available at Amazon 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Truth (Owned book 3)

Valentin is in trouble and with the new detective on the case, more so. Detective Miller doesn’t like Valentin and there is a reason. The detective wants Valentin behind bars once and for all, but Susie won’t let it happen.

Susie believes in Valentin’s innocence, even if everyone else doubts him. She knows him. They think alike, so she understands him. But things don’t get any easier once Valentin’s property is searched. It gets harder and harder to prove his innocence. The real question is. Is he innocent? If so, who killed Valentin’s wife, and what happened to Haley? All will be revealed in the end. As always, love finds a way regardless of outcome!


She wanted to keep talking about it, but could tell that he didn’t.
‘What would you like to eat?’ he asked.
‘I’m not sure.’
‘I know what I’d like to eat.’
‘What?’ She kept her gaze on the menu.
‘You,’ he said.
She raised her eyes and met his.
‘Outside in the alley just like the first time.’
‘Valentin,’ she said shyly.
‘I’m serious.’
She laughed. He was serious.
‘How about in five minutes after we’ve given our order? I’ll leave first and you follow.
‘I don’t know.’
‘This isn’t a choice.’ He winked.
She felt her middle clench just at the sound of his voice. It was naughty and dirty. It was exactly what she wanted to do.
They looked through the menu and placed the order. Five minutes later, he stood up and left. A few minutes after him she left too. He was right where they’d met the first time. The moment she reached him, he took her and pushed her up against the wall.
‘Oh god!’ she let out.
He wrapped his hand around her neck and pressed his lips against hers. That took her breath away. His free hand crawled up her dress until it reached her panties. With one movement he swirled her around so that her face was up against the cold wall.
‘Do you remember that night?’ he whispered into her ear.
‘Yes,’ she panted.
‘Do you remember what you said?’
‘I’ve never done this before,’ she let out.
‘That turned me on so much. It turns me on right now.’ He grasped her bum hard and pushed into her. ‘Say it again. Tell me what you said on that night again.’
‘I’ve never done this before.’
He pulled down her panties and left them halfway. He pulled off his tie, lifted her hands above her head and wrapped the tie around her wrists. Susie was weak. That evening repeated all over again, and it brought with it the heightened lust. Without delay he planted deep into her. She let out a loud moan, he covered her mouth to keep them from being found out. He pounded in and out hard! She was locked up against the wall. He was deep within her just like he had been before, and she loved every minute of it. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

The Things he does for her (Beyond darkness book 5)

This series is slowly coming to an end. I'm sure there will be no more story to tell soon. But in the meantime, enjoy book five of this series. I'm enjoying it but I know when it's time to end it. Victor is doing his thing once again. Hope you enjoy!

Where is Abbey? And will Victor pursue this case? Victor wants to progress with normal life, but he knows that London won’t be at peace until Abbey is found.

Detective Gates has made himself a pain in the butt again by using London to get to Victor. So what happens when Victor chases after Sebastian?  What does he find out? And what happened to Abbey? All will be revealed.

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