Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Don't say you love me! (Boundless love series)

This series is close to my heart. It's dedicated to my nan, who was an extraordinary woman! I'd say that she taught me what unconditional love is. To give and love without expecting it in return, is the hardest thing in the world. But as I watched her, I understood one thing. It gave her so much joy. My story isn't based on my nan, but it tells a story that I learnt from observing her. I'm excited about this series, and I hope it finds those who need it. I hope it gives some insight as to how blessed we are to be here right now, in this present moment.

Live like there's no tomorrow! 

Hope you enjoy!

Perhaps sometimes battles aren’t meant to be won, but managed. What if life had always been the same? At some point the inevitable would happen. How would you live your life?

Sahara has accepted her life. She has been doing so since the age of seventeen. But at her best-friends wedding, she meets Eugene, who might change the way she views her life forever.

Not wanting to get too close to anyone, for reasons only Sahara, her family and friends understand. She refuses to open up, but Eugene persists. The playboy that he is won’t give up on the one woman he thinks might be the one.  This is the woman he’s been waiting for all his life, but he has absolutely no idea that his love has to go beyond what he’s ever done before. It will be a test of true love!


Myles pushed back his seat and they moved out of the room and into the hall that seemed a lot less busy.
‘What is it?’ asked Myles.
‘I need to ask you something.’
Myles had known Eugene a long time to know that his questions usually involved a woman.
‘First of all, I probably won’t be able to help you. This is my wedding day, I’m not setting you up with anyone.’
Eugene laughed. ‘It’s not like I need help with that. Do I?’
‘Probably not, but am I wrong in thinking that this involves a woman.’
‘Not entirely.’
‘I thought so.’
‘I just wanted a little information on that pretty maid of honour.’
‘Oh no you don’t!’ Myles was serious. ‘This one is not just any woman, she’s not another notch in your bed post.’
‘Blimey! It almost sounds like you like her yourself.’
‘It’s not what you think. She’s very important to the woman I love, and I won’t let you near her.’
‘Won’t let me?’ He laughed.
‘Yes, I won’t let you!’
‘I don’t need your permission.’
‘Well then, you don’t need my help.’ He was about to walk away.
‘Okay wait, just hear me out.’
‘She’s not just any woman. You can’t just walk into her life and walk out like you do.’
‘I’m not going to do that.’
‘I mean it Eugene. I’m your friend, but Emily means more to me.’
‘Wow! You have changed!’
‘I have, I’m a man now. A responsible one.’
‘And I’m not?’
‘I…listen, let’s just get back to the reception.’
‘Not until you tell me her name.’
‘Ask her yourself!’ Myles was a little put off. It had always been this way with Eugene, and he never expected him to change.
‘Maybe I will…oh and thanks for nothing.’ He started to walk off.
‘Hey man. Just leave this one alone. Please.’ He begged.
Eugene turned towards his friend with his hands in his suit pockets, and pursed his lips.
‘Just leave her alone.’
‘I think I’ll let her make that decision,’ he said and walked away.
Myles shook his head, watched as his friend walked away and head for the balcony.
‘Some things never change,’ said Myles under his breath.

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