Thursday, 28 November 2013

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Celine is studying chemical engineering at university and tending the bar in the evenings to pay the bills. But that is all about to change when Rhyland Chambers steps into her life.

She’s different and not like the women he’s seen around and he wants her, but there’s a catch. It isn’t a relationship. Instead Rhyland offers her a pay cheque she can’t refuse. But what will she have to do to earn the big sums of money he’s offering?

Even though her roommate Ava tries to discourage her from taking up the offer, Celine finds herself extremely attracted to Mr Chambers.
‘I’d do it for free,’ she tells Ava.
But for how long, how long will Celine be able to keep up the charade only to get a little in return. 


Money, money! Is that really enough? Celine is drained by the emotions she isn’t allowed to express. She knows the rules and she has signed a contract.

It doesn’t take long for Celine to finally snap! All the money in the world can’t hold her at night or make her feel loved. But there’s a problem. Rhyland has a reason he’s holding back and throwing out the cash. There is something he doesn’t want to share with her but his heart strings are pulling towards her; soon he reveals what’s holding him back from loving her. Can Celine live with the knowledge? It all depends on the strength of her love. 

Loving what he wants
Christmas is drawing near. Celine has told Rhyland that she doesn’t want anymore of his money. Just him! Her heart is torn but she’s also happy. She’s afraid of what she’s learnt but at the same time excited about what lies ahead for them.

Love is the key to this relationship and the only thing that’s eternal. Rhyland and Celine spend their time just loving each other and before Christmas Rhyland has a request she can’t refuse. Her life has changed so fast and she’s had to grow up fast. It is an emotional roller coaster ride that ends on an unexpected happy note. 

This series is available on Kindle, ARE and soon to be at Barnes and Noble, Kobo & Apple