Sunday, 14 August 2016

Updates and New Series

I've started working on a romantic thriller that deals with substance abuse called Tell me why (Darkness Meets series). There is more to come and would like to see where this story goes. It's available to download on Amazon.

What's happening this week.
The week brings more writing and still working on getting my Loving You series into print. It will probably be out end of the year, hopefully sooner. I will be focusing on the Darkness meets series and hope to have the second part out very soon. What I would like to do is complete this series before working on another one. Sometimes I stop writing series because they don't do well and don't feel inspired to continue to work on something that's not selling. There will be two series I've not finished that I do intend to finish though. I will post an update when that happens. 

That's all for now, not much on the personal front only that I'm enjoying my life very much. It's funny how when you stop wanting something it appears. Weird. I guess it's just the way life is and each time I let go of something I want, it shows up. 

I hope you have a great week and you can find my new book on Amazon. Hope you enjoy!

Two dark pasts meet. Freya has a dark past that no one knows about. She hides it, but not well enough because her substance abuse has taken over her life. Funnily she’s a successful business woman and has some good relationships, but one night something triggers her past so much that she can’t take it. That night she meets Ferguson, the billionaire who also has a dark past.

Ferguson is at a party when he’s called away for an emergency, and this is when Freya and Ferguson’s paths meet. The two have to help each other defeat the demons of their pasts, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.


Out into the dark she ran! Onto the street, down the road and finally stopped at a railway bridge. Without giving much thought she began to climb up onto the wall of the bridge that would send her plunging to her death. All she had to do was wait for a passing train, drop in good time and that would be the end of all the voices!
‘What the hell! Stop the car!’ Ferguson had seen the woman go up onto the bridge. The driver stopped the car and Ferguson got out without waiting for his driver to open the door. ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ he asked walking up to her slowly.
‘Waiting to die.’ She held onto her head.
‘Why would you want to do that?’ He noticed blood coming from her foot. What had been so bad that this woman wanted to kill herself. He could only imagine.
‘What do you care?’ She gasped.
‘You’re right, what do I care, but I think you’ve got so much ahead of you. You just don’t know it yet.’
‘Yeah? How would you know?’ She moved so that she was on the edge, swinging her legs.
‘Because a long time ago I felt the exact same way. I wanted to die. I tried to cut my wrists, end it all. Have a look at my wrists.’ He moved closer.
She stopped a moment and looked at him, the voices were a little distant, but still there.
‘Look.’ He pulled up the suit jacket and the sleeves to the shirt.
She looked at the man who was now standing so close to her. There was a whiff of cologne that soothed her somewhat. It wasn’t that cheap smell that had once haunted her, that had caused the voices to stir up again and cause this drama.
‘Did you hear voices like me?’ she asked.
‘Do you hear voices?’
She nodded. ‘I can’t stop them. They’ve been away, but today they came back.’
‘Why don’t you come down and we talk about it?’
‘No. I don’t want to talk! I’ve been talking half my life.’ She clung onto her head and began to make a painful howling sound.
‘Okay we won’t talk, but I can’t let you jump.’
‘You can’t stop me,’ she said stopping for a while.
‘I can. I’m a lot stronger, plus I have him.’ He pointed at his driver. ‘If I have to we’ll both pull you down.’
‘No! I won’t let you.’
‘I only want to help,’ he said in a calm voice. ‘What’s your name?’
For a moment she held onto her head and began to move again. Ferguson was worried she’d fall off the ledge and get hurt.
‘What’s your name?’ he asked again in a soft voice.
‘Freya,’ she said without turning. ‘Freya, Freya, Freya!’
‘Nice name.’
She kept moving, this time he turned to his driver and told him to call for help.
‘You can’t do that. I’ll jump.’
‘I will not call for help if you let me help you down and I take you home.’
She stopped. ‘No. I don’t want to go home!’ She sounded like a spoilt child. Ferguson nodded for his driver to make the call. He wasn’t going to let this woman die on his watch and he had to be moving on too.
‘Okay you don’t have to go home. At least give me one good reason why you think death is the answer.’
‘It won’t hurt anymore. The voices will be gone!’ She cried as she said this.
‘What do the voices say?’
‘They say yes, yes, yes!’
‘Yes to what?’ He didn’t understand.
In the distance there was the sound of a siren approaching.
‘I don’t want to go back, I won’t.’ She was about to plunge when he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back to the ground.
‘Let me go! Let me go!’ She fought him hard, kicking and scratching where she could.
‘It’s okay, you’ll be in good hands soon,’ he reassured her, but only made her worse.
The ambulance pulled up and the paramedics took over.

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