Monday, 10 February 2014

Rocking Her World (Curvy, sexy, beautiful)

It’s a new year, a new life. Every year Kay makes a new year’s resolution but never follows through. But things are about to change. Kay’s world is turned upside down the minute she hands in her resignation. She informs her boss she’s resigning to follow her dream of becoming a singer. This rib splitting news almost turns her boss the colour of a strawberry; Kay’s convinced he’s wet himself.
‘A singer!’ He tried to catch his breath. ‘You’re not pop star material.’ His subtle way of telling her she’s two dress sizes too big.
He wasn’t far off the mark. As soon as Kay hits the spotlight she becomes the next headline and it isn’t her amazing soprano that’s got the attention. Instead it’s the roundness of her hips that have been headlining twitter since she stepped onto the stage.

It isn’t until Nate, up and coming rock star enters her life that things begin to take a different turn. But Nate has some secret demons of his own that at some point Kay will have to face too.

The man who walked in was handsome. He wasn’t a Rock star, he was just a man. All the titles disappeared and all that remained was him. Nate asked his entourage to wait outside while he had a word with Kay. He was the man she was slowly falling for even though she’d tried hard not too.
He perched gently on the side of the bed and took her hand. His blond locks flopped to the side as he tilted his head. For a moment Kay looked away feeling ashamed, embarrassed.
‘Hey don’t do this to yourself; you’re too good for that.’ He gently moved her head so that she was looking directly into his light blue eyes.
She bit back her lip.
‘Don’t let them do this to you,’ he said gently.
Kay knew exactly what he meant. Her body had been starved of nutrients. She’d worked her body to its limit trying to rid her of the little fat she had so she could hush the voices.
‘It’s hard to ignore jabs like, great voice, nice face but fat or I’m surprised the stage was still intact after that sing off with Nate… I’m not even fat!’ She cried. ‘I can’t do this! I can’t do this anymore!’ The tears flowed.
Nate squeezed her hand a little tighter and waited for the cries to subside.
‘When someone sits behind a computer screen and posts nasty comments, it says a lot about them. You’re not hiding; you stepped out to do what you love. The thing about stepping out is that the attention is on you. People are watching and waiting for you to fail, but there are also people out there waiting for you to succeed.’ He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. ‘The people who say these things aren’t bold enough to step out and live their lives, so don’t let them change you.’ His face turned into a question.
‘What?’ she asked shyly.
‘I don’t want you turning into a trouble maker.’
She frowned.
‘You know the types, no carbs, no meat, no salad dressing blah…blah blah… I mean after all that what’s really left, air?’
She giggled, he was funny.
‘Oh I’ll have a plate of air please.’
Kay was tickled and she couldn’t stop laughing.
‘Seriously though, don’t be that girl. I like you just the way you are.’
Kay felt a cold tingle journey through her body as she took in the magnitude of the words. He liked her just the way she was. He nodded reassuring her that this was true.
‘Don’t let me find out you’ve turned into a bag of bones.’
‘How else am I going to make this business?’
‘With your voice.’
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