Saturday, 11 May 2013

What I'm working on

Even though it seems as though I've been quiet I'm working on a vampire story that I'm really enjoying. I'm not sure where it's heading but I'm letting the characters lead me with that.

It started out as an idea and has gone onto a story that I'm really liking. Here's a little sneak view of a rough draft.  Enjoy!

Fighting for Her

Ivy had heart stories about them. At first she thought it was a myth, something made up to liven up their small town. But then as she got older she began to notice them.
They were different, their skin pale and un-life like. They always wore protective clothing even in the warm summer months. They never truly spoke to anyone only at people which she didn’t consider real conversation. There was a lack of human connection, it was as if that part of them had died with them and they were unable to show any.
It was after her twenty second birthday when things changed. She was working at her local department store when a tall medium built gentleman walked into the store. His jet black hair was sleeked back, he had a handsome face but it lacked life, as if all the blood had been drained from it. He wore a tight pair of black jeans, a v-neck shirt that hugged his defined body and a leather jacket that fitted snug on his body.
He looked over at Ivy and she quickly looked away, terrified that he’d noticed her watching him. He chuckled lightly then proceeded to pick up a white and black stripped shirt. He held it up for a moment and admired it, then placed it against himself to see if it would fit. Satisfied he kept it with him and looked through the other rails of clothing.
Ivy couldn’t help but watch him secretly. She’d never really seen one of them up so close or in their store before, well, not while she’d worked there. She was young and everything was still new to her and she’d only been working at the store a couple of months.
Finally the gentleman made his decision and walked up to the till where she stood. Her heart picked up momentum. Why was she so afraid? They had never really hurt anyone although there had been talk of a rebel group that had began to feed off humans again. Was he one of them?
‘Is this everything?’ She took the shirt with shaky hands and he nodded, a smile appeared across his face.
The woman before him was so young and beautiful he couldn’t help but admire her. Her brown skin glowed under the shop lights. He could smell her, her fear that made her that more attractive to him. Behind his mouth his fangs appeared, a reaction to her scent. It was sweet, something he wanted to taste, to posses and make his.
He quickly slotted back his fangs and said, ‘Yes, yes that will be all thank you,’ and smiled.
Ivy folded the shirt and packed it nicely into a bag and took his money. For a moment they exchanged stares and he smiled and then Ivy quickly gave him his change and stepped back.
‘I know you’re curious. Perhaps you could work for me. I think I like you. If you want to know more, why don’t you stop by 9pm Club 102 down the alley on Cobbler street. Knock three times, the door will open and give them my name, Stefano. I will be waiting.’
 Ivy held onto her head, had she really heard him speak into her mind? She looked up at him briefly, the same smile on his face. He nodded to reassure her that he had indeed spoken into her mind and then he quickly made his way out of the shop.
‘Is everything alright?’ A colleague asked.
‘Urm yes, yes I’m fine, just have a bit of a headache. I’ll just get some water.’ She excused herself and went behind the store to get some water.
Shock traveled through her body, it really had happened hadn’t it? The vampire had spoken into her mind. She had heard him loud and clear. Would she go? Was she as curious as he thought she was? What did he mean work for him? What did he mean he liked her? Ivy had never really had a chance to explore that part of her life. It had been a confusing part of her life. A brief relationship had turned sour with her one and only boyfriend. It had been the sex. The sex she never wanted to have with him. She had felt ready and yet sometimes she felt ready for someone else. The someone else had been a girl who would never want her back. But she loved John’s company. Feelings were stirred and yet they were never as strong as they had been for the girl.
So they broke up it was inevitable. How long could they go without sex anyway? She had to question herself, understand who she was and what she wanted. But the vampire had stirred something in her. Was it just curiosity or was she beginning to get a clearer picture of herself. Did she like both men and women or was it vampires and women? Was it the differences that pulled her, the attraction to the undead? Ivy would not know unless she explored those feelings. Perhaps then she would understand herself more.
She poured herself a glass of water and drank it like her life depended on it. Club 102, would she go? She had heard of it, heard the stories about it. About the bizarre things that went on in there, things that made her shiver. Would she really want to find out? And if she did become his, what would that mean for her? Ivy had heard stories about that before, humans becoming vampires possessions. Once that happened she could never belong to anyone else ever again.
Becoming a vampires possession had to be of her own free will. When Stefano had asked her to work for him did he mean that she would have to become his? Would being his help her explore her sexual identity but what if she found out that it wasn’t him or them what then?  So many questions filled her mind, it made her head ache. For now she would go about her duties as a shop assistant. And later when she walked home she would think about it. She would decide whether or not she wanted to explore this any further!