Thursday, 30 April 2015


It’s Susie’s time to shine. Time for her to become the person she’s meant to be. It isn’t until Valentin shares something with her does she realise that she wasn’t being herself.
But what does this new revelation mean for both of them? Susie begins to question and doubt Valentine innocence, but it doesn’t change the way she feels about him. She will fight for him until the end. After all he chose her. It’s her turn to choose him.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

At First Sight (Alpha, billionaire, thriller romance)

It’s Susie’s twenty first birthday, and she’s newly graduated from law school. Oh and she’s a virgin! But that’s okay, she’s never been a guys type anyway, not with her curvy hips and ample bum and oh so heavy bust. But it’s never bothered her anyway. She has what matters most. A brain.

But out on her birthday dinner with friends who are obsessed with waistlines and thigh gaps, she spots the hottest man in the upmarket restaurant checking her out. Perhaps she’s mistaken. Perhaps he was looking at her Barbie friend, Haley, with her striking good looks.

Susie is mistaken. It’s her he wants! But it isn’t until there is a moment between them that she knows just how mistaken she is about everything. But who is Mister Hunt? And what would she do to make sure she pleases just him! Or will she? Daredevil she becomes, there’s no telling what will happen!

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Valentin saw that as his cue to get up and go and speak to this woman he was so drawn to.
‘I think you were right about tonight,’ he said to Drake as he stood up.
‘What do you mean?’
‘Women. I think I might have just found one I like.’
‘Yeah? Where?’ He turned in the direction in which Valentin had.
‘Wait and see.’
‘Hi,’ a man said to Susie.
Her heart sunk, just what she didn’t want. The kind of man that she wasn’t interested in. A little too short and too geeky for her taste, but what did she expect? This was the kind of men she attracted.
‘What are you drinking?’ he asked.
‘Can I get you something stronger?’ he shouted over the music.
‘No, I’m good thanks.’
‘Oh come on, a girl like you needs something a little stronger.’
‘I said I’m good thanks.’ She wished he’d go away but the little man stayed in place like a pesky little fly.
‘Well I’m getting you a strong drink anyway.’ No wasn’t a word he understood. He tried to take the lemonade off her.
‘Hey, I said I’m okay.’ Her patience was running thin.
‘I said I’ll get you something stronger so chill.’
‘The lady said she’s okay or are you deaf?’ said Valentin.
Susie looked behind her briefly just to make sure the man wasn’t talking about another woman.
‘Who the hell are you?’ asked the man.
‘None of your dam business now get lost.’
‘Who do you think you are?’ The man challenged.
‘The man who will punch you in the face if you don’t piss off!’
The man sized the tall dark stranger up and down and decided that it was no contest. He moved off.
‘Hi.’ The man smiled.
She was quiet a moment.
‘You okay?’
She laughed.
‘Are you selling something?’
‘Why would you say that?’
‘I just thought…never mind.’
‘So what brings you here?’ He didn’t bother too much about her insecurities. It was so obvious she wasn’t the most confident.
‘It’s my birthday,’ she waved the box nervously. ‘Twenty one.’
‘Wow. Officially an adult.’ He teased. ‘I’ll have to get you an adult drink.’
‘Erm…’ She didn’t want to drink, but she wanted to do it for him, which was silly. ‘I don’t drink.’
He smiled. ‘Let me put that on for you.’ He took the box before she had a chance to say anything.
He took his time to take the silver bracelet out of the box and then slowly wrapped it around her wrist and snapped it shut.
‘There, perfect.’ He kept his hand on her wrist.
‘Erm… thank you.’
‘You’re welcome.’ He gazed directly into her eyes but she couldn’t keep the gaze so looked at her wrist instead. ‘It’s pretty. My friends bought it for me.’
‘You have some nice friends.’
‘Yes, I think I do.’ She still couldn’t look him directly in the eyes.
He moved a little closer, his lips almost touched her ear and whispered. ‘You are as sexy as hell.’
She stepped back as if she’d been given an electric shot. He smiled as he pulled away. Words like that had only come from men she didn’t want and now this man said that with the most amazing voice ever. Susie thought she might faint.
‘I want to see you later.’
‘Erm…’ What was that supposed to mean?
‘I’m not one to beat around the bush and I go for what I want. And right now I want you.’
‘Erm…’ The confident young lawyer was lost for words.
‘Say in about an hour, how about you meet me at the back of the restaurant?’
‘I…I don’t know. I’m with friends.’
‘Then make an excuse.’ He pulled a pen from his pocket and took her hand and wrote a V on her inner wrist.
‘What are you doing?’ she asked.
‘Marking you. You’re mine now. Don’t let anyone take you away.’ He winked and then walked away before she could say or do anything.
‘What the hell?’ Haley walked up to Susie just as the handsome hunk walked away. ‘What did he want?’
Susie was quiet.
‘Susie? What did that gorgeous man want? Haley was curious since she’d been giving him the eyes and the smile long before Susie had appeared.
‘Me,’ she said.
Haley laughed.
‘What? You find that funny?’
‘Noooo, of course not. I just think that you’re too timid for him. He’s a bad boy I can smell it a mile away.’
‘I see.’ 

Monday, 13 April 2015

SOLD (Beyond Darkness book 4)

So after quite a few requests I've decided to continue the London and Victor series. Quite a few people have asked and I hear you. So here it is. I don't know where it's going but I'm working on it and on another series at the same time. Hope you enjoy. It will be available at all bookstores.

Victor has put away his guns and violent ways for tiaras and princess parties. Little does he know that he’ll soon be back to his old ways?

Sixteen year old Abbey Jenkins has gone missing and the police are no where near to solving the mystery of her disappearance. So out of sheer desperation, Gates sends Abbey’s parents to the one man who might be able to bring their daughter back.

It takes convincing. After all, he’s a family man now. But London knows the pain of losing a child to kidnap and so persuades him to do it one last time. What happens when Victor comes back? All hell breaks lose, that’s what!


Chapter One
‘Which colour daddy?’ Paige held out a tray of lipsticks to her stepfather.
Victor studied the array of colours and then pointed at the deep red.
‘I think the red,’ he said. ‘Do you think red looks good on me?’
The little girl laughed and nodded. She picked out the red lipstick, pulled off the top and coloured his lips red. Victor waited patiently while she made sure the lipstick was perfect on his lips.
‘There,’ she said as she stood back.
‘How do I look?’ he asked.
‘Pretty,’ she giggled. ‘Now I have to put some eye shadow.’ She picked up the pallet of shadows and got to work. ‘Close your eyes.’
Victor shut his eyes, and she dusted them with pink eye shadow. Next it was blusher, and then a bit of mascara.
‘I think you’re almost perfect.’ She giggled.
‘Yes. A princess can’t attend a tea part without her jewels and crown.’ She turned to her toy box and pulled out a necklace and a tiara.
‘I see.’ He laughed.
‘There.’ Paige put the necklace around his neck and placed the tiara on his head. ‘Now you’re perfect.’ She was in a fit of laughter.
‘Tada!’ he said.
‘You want to see?’
‘Oh yes please!’
Paige picked up the mirror from the side and lifted it so he could see himself.
‘Oh don’t I look fabulous!’ he said.
Paige giggled. ‘We must go to tea now?’
‘Oh?’ he said.
‘Yes. I’ll just get myself ready and then we’re done.’
Victor sat back and watched the little girl play. It was peaceful. He slept at night and there was nothing more fulfilling than to have her back with her mother.
‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ London came screaming into the living-room, but was stopped in her tracks. ‘What on earth?’ She burst out laughing.
‘I’m a princess and you shall not make fun of me,’ he said.
‘You look…’ She tried to find the words. ‘Great!’ She rushed over to him and collapsed into his lap.
‘Do you want to attend our tea party mummy?’
‘Not right now honey, I’ve got great news!’ She beamed.
‘You do?’ he asked.
He waited.
‘I’m pregnant!’
Victor took her into a hug. He’d waited so long to hear those words.
‘Oh god!’ he said. ‘I’m going to be a daddy again!’ He laughed. He couldn’t believe that he’d soon have a child of his own. It had never occurred to him that it would make him this happy. But having Paige a part of his life had brought so much joy. He couldn’t imagine a life without her.
‘I’m going to have a little sister?’ she asked.
‘A sister or a brother. We don’t know yet.’
Paige jumped up and down. ‘I’m having a sister, I’m having a sister!’
‘We don’t know yet honey,’ said London.
‘I know. I know it’s a sister!’
‘You do, do you?’ asked London.
‘Yes I do.’
Victor took London into another hug and snuggled into her. He took in her scent and kept her close. Just then the doorbell went.
‘Expecting anyone?’ he asked.
‘Nope. You?’
They hadn’t had visitors for a while, except for Portia. The housekeeper attended to the door while the family continued with their lives.
‘Mister Adamovich, a Mister and Mrs Jenkins to see you,’ said the housekeeper.
‘Who?’ he asked.
‘They said that detective Gates sent them.’
Victor gazed at London, she shrugged.
‘Why would he do that?’ he asked London.
‘I don’t know.’
‘What’s he up to?’
‘Honey I don’t know, but I think you should find out.’
‘Send them through,’ he told the housekeeper.
The woman nodded and disappeared for a moment.
‘Would you like a facial wipe?’ she asked a little amused.
‘No, this is my time with Paige. I don’t know why they’re here.’
She nodded.
‘I guess they’ll just have to accept an ugly looking princess.’ He laughed.
‘You’re far from ugly.’ She laughed.
The couple entered looking like they hadn’t slept in days.
‘Mister Adamovich, Mister and Mrs Jenkins.’
‘Stella, could you take Paige please.’
The housekeeper nodded. The woman held out her hand and encouraged Paige to leave with her.
‘But I’m not finished playing with Daddy.’
‘I know honey. I promise we’ll finish as soon as I’m done speaking with our guests.’
Paige stood stubbornly, but after some coaxing and a promise of chocolate ice-cream, the little girl left them.
‘Please have a seat,’ said London.
London took a seat beside Victor.
‘We’re sorry to barge in on you like this,’ said Mrs Jenkins. ‘We can see you’re busy.’ She noticed Victor’s tiara.
‘Yes it’s unexpected. This is a private address. I’m not sure why detective Gates gave it to you.’ Victor felt a little annoyed.
‘We understand,’ said Mister Jenkins. ‘We just need your help. The police aren’t getting anywhere on the case and we’re afraid…’ He lowered his head.
London looked at Victor, he was as clueless as she was.
‘It’s our daughter,’ said Mrs Jenkins. ‘She’s been kidnapped.’ 

Friday, 3 April 2015

The Girl Next Door (Volume 2)

 The heat is on, the truth is close. How long can Eden keep her secret life hidden? Each lie becomes harder and harder to hide. Things take a turn that keep her on the edge, and put her relationship under strain. Can Brandon be that man? The man who can look beyond what are the social norms. How can anyone accept the life she lives? But as time goes by, the light has to shine and the truth must come out. But what truth? And does the truth truly set them free?

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