Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Iris in Venice

Iris has been away with her gorgeous man :-). It was a lovely get away, a time to rejuvenate and just relax. During that time I haven't been writing, but I definitely have some beautiful scenes for future works. Italy is a beautiful place and would love to go back there some day. We did a lot of walking and a lot of wine and dinning, which was great. Here are a few pics of our break!

Me and my boo at the Grand canal of Venice, Italy. Isn't he mwah! It wasn't too warm, but we were grateful we had some sun. The scene behind us is to die for, it's beautiful. I've been wondering how I can incorporate it into a story, but worry not, it will come when it's needed!

Did I say the food and wine was divine? It's just lovely. On the second day there I enjoyed pasta with lobster. First time to crack my own lobster, well not the first time. The first time the kind waiter helped me, but I soon became an expert.  Don't be surprised if one of my characters struggles with this too haha! It's nice to add your own experiences to the mix sometimes. 

Doesn't this picture just want to make you breathe! Each time I look at it I just want to let out a deep breath and relax. It's so beautiful. I guess I can always look at it when I want to take a moment. Italy was a beautiful experience and I'm grateful for having the opportunity  to visit it and with someone really awesome!

Anyway, with the break behind me, it's back to work. I've been working on a story a while now. So keep your eyes peeled. It's a story close to my heart and feel that it will help others understand how dark depression can be. Sometimes people just don't know what to do, and feel embarrassed about feeling depressed. What I've learned is that when you take responsibility for your mental health, you're taking care of you. You're loving you, and that's the most important thing. No one can love you until you learn to love yourself. 

Loving The Broken You will be out soon!

That's all for now! Stay beautiful!

- Iris

Friday, 9 September 2016

New Standalone story

So I've decided to do something a little different with this story. Instead of having it in parts, I've put it all into one book. This new story is not so new, not the first half of it. I had originally called the Story 'Tell Me Why.'  But after giving it some thought I decided to complete the whole story. So here you have it. A standalone. No waiting for the next series, you can find out what happens all in one book. 

This book is now available on Amazon

Two dark pasts meet. Freya has a dark past that no one knows about. She hides it, but not well enough because her substance abuse has taken over her life. Funnily she’s a successful business woman and has some good relationships, but one night something triggers her past so much that she can’t take it. That night she meets Ferguson, the billionaire who also has a dark past.
Ferguson is at a party when he’s called away for an emergency, and this is when Freya and Ferguson’s paths meet. The two have to help each other defeat the demons of their pasts, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Can two traumatised people finally find peace with each other, even if it means that it isn’t the healthiest way? Time will tell.

What's next?

Well I'm starting to work on story about a surrogate. I'm not sure which direction it will take so I can't really say what it's about. I have an idea, but like most of my ideas, they change all the time. I start discovering new things about the story I didn't know would come about. I guess that's what makes the stories exciting to write. 

On the personal front

Things are going steadily for me. As a writer things can be a little bit uneasy because you never know what book readers will like. I'm still enjoying being in a relationship. It's been interesting to go from single for a good six years to being in a relationship. I do like having someone, it's nicer. It's fun as well.  Next month we'll be going to Italy, which will be exciting. I hope to take some good pictures and share them on the blog with you. I've never been to Italy, so I'm certain I'm going to enjoy it!

That's all for now. 

- Iris

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Updates and New Series

I've started working on a romantic thriller that deals with substance abuse called Tell me why (Darkness Meets series). There is more to come and would like to see where this story goes. It's available to download on Amazon.

What's happening this week.
The week brings more writing and still working on getting my Loving You series into print. It will probably be out end of the year, hopefully sooner. I will be focusing on the Darkness meets series and hope to have the second part out very soon. What I would like to do is complete this series before working on another one. Sometimes I stop writing series because they don't do well and don't feel inspired to continue to work on something that's not selling. There will be two series I've not finished that I do intend to finish though. I will post an update when that happens. 

That's all for now, not much on the personal front only that I'm enjoying my life very much. It's funny how when you stop wanting something it appears. Weird. I guess it's just the way life is and each time I let go of something I want, it shows up. 

I hope you have a great week and you can find my new book on Amazon. Hope you enjoy!

Two dark pasts meet. Freya has a dark past that no one knows about. She hides it, but not well enough because her substance abuse has taken over her life. Funnily she’s a successful business woman and has some good relationships, but one night something triggers her past so much that she can’t take it. That night she meets Ferguson, the billionaire who also has a dark past.

Ferguson is at a party when he’s called away for an emergency, and this is when Freya and Ferguson’s paths meet. The two have to help each other defeat the demons of their pasts, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.


Out into the dark she ran! Onto the street, down the road and finally stopped at a railway bridge. Without giving much thought she began to climb up onto the wall of the bridge that would send her plunging to her death. All she had to do was wait for a passing train, drop in good time and that would be the end of all the voices!
‘What the hell! Stop the car!’ Ferguson had seen the woman go up onto the bridge. The driver stopped the car and Ferguson got out without waiting for his driver to open the door. ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ he asked walking up to her slowly.
‘Waiting to die.’ She held onto her head.
‘Why would you want to do that?’ He noticed blood coming from her foot. What had been so bad that this woman wanted to kill herself. He could only imagine.
‘What do you care?’ She gasped.
‘You’re right, what do I care, but I think you’ve got so much ahead of you. You just don’t know it yet.’
‘Yeah? How would you know?’ She moved so that she was on the edge, swinging her legs.
‘Because a long time ago I felt the exact same way. I wanted to die. I tried to cut my wrists, end it all. Have a look at my wrists.’ He moved closer.
She stopped a moment and looked at him, the voices were a little distant, but still there.
‘Look.’ He pulled up the suit jacket and the sleeves to the shirt.
She looked at the man who was now standing so close to her. There was a whiff of cologne that soothed her somewhat. It wasn’t that cheap smell that had once haunted her, that had caused the voices to stir up again and cause this drama.
‘Did you hear voices like me?’ she asked.
‘Do you hear voices?’
She nodded. ‘I can’t stop them. They’ve been away, but today they came back.’
‘Why don’t you come down and we talk about it?’
‘No. I don’t want to talk! I’ve been talking half my life.’ She clung onto her head and began to make a painful howling sound.
‘Okay we won’t talk, but I can’t let you jump.’
‘You can’t stop me,’ she said stopping for a while.
‘I can. I’m a lot stronger, plus I have him.’ He pointed at his driver. ‘If I have to we’ll both pull you down.’
‘No! I won’t let you.’
‘I only want to help,’ he said in a calm voice. ‘What’s your name?’
For a moment she held onto her head and began to move again. Ferguson was worried she’d fall off the ledge and get hurt.
‘What’s your name?’ he asked again in a soft voice.
‘Freya,’ she said without turning. ‘Freya, Freya, Freya!’
‘Nice name.’
She kept moving, this time he turned to his driver and told him to call for help.
‘You can’t do that. I’ll jump.’
‘I will not call for help if you let me help you down and I take you home.’
She stopped. ‘No. I don’t want to go home!’ She sounded like a spoilt child. Ferguson nodded for his driver to make the call. He wasn’t going to let this woman die on his watch and he had to be moving on too.
‘Okay you don’t have to go home. At least give me one good reason why you think death is the answer.’
‘It won’t hurt anymore. The voices will be gone!’ She cried as she said this.
‘What do the voices say?’
‘They say yes, yes, yes!’
‘Yes to what?’ He didn’t understand.
In the distance there was the sound of a siren approaching.
‘I don’t want to go back, I won’t.’ She was about to plunge when he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back to the ground.
‘Let me go! Let me go!’ She fought him hard, kicking and scratching where she could.
‘It’s okay, you’ll be in good hands soon,’ he reassured her, but only made her worse.
The ambulance pulled up and the paramedics took over.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Demon King (Mate Series book 1)

Lavender is a wolf, or so she thought. She hasn't been the strongest or the fastest and there's a reason for that. Strong and independent, Lavender tries to prove that she doesn't want or need a mate. She does this by leaving her pack and building a business of her own as a fixer. But her life isn't her own, and she does belong to someone, and he's out to get her. That is of course if he can get past the most powerful wolf there is. Sullivan has taken it upon himself to protect her, but it's more than that. Sullivan likes Lavender, but Lavender doesn't want a mate. So while they fight evil, their need for each other grows. Will she one day give into the wolf and be his? That will all depend on what the demon king wants.

This story is now available on Amazon!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

New book Out!

So it’s finally here! The second part to the Unexpected Love series is now available on Amazon. It has taken longer than I would’ve liked, but it’s finally finished! So Angelica has a lot of challenges ahead of her, but she will eventually find her way through the wilderness of her life. I’m glad to say I’m happy with the way the story has ended. I had no idea how it would end, but it did and as usual it took me on an interesting journey. I hope you enjoy!


Angelica has finally walked down the aisle, but the more time she spends with Elliott, the more she begins to question the relationship. On their honeymoon things take a turn for the worst and it is then that she sees the real Elliott.
For a short while Angelica tries to keep everything together. She keeps up with the healthy eating habits and exercise regime, but when Elliott begins to control who she can be friends with, things change. Elliott wants complete control over everything she does! Angelica has to make some hard choices and, Elliott will not let her go easily. She belongs to him, and he will make sure he keeps her.
Angelica finally understands the true meaning of love and the sacrifices she has to make to finally be herself again.


The driver slid into the driver seat and drove her home. When she got home she wasn’t expecting to see Elliott, he’d left for the day, but he’d opened the door as soon as she arrived. She wasn’t that surprised, the women must have told him exactly what had happened, but at this point she was beyond caring.
‘What the hell happened?’ He sounded mad.
Angelica clutched to her handbag as she approached him. She knew that anything could happen, but she’d had enough.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ She pushed past him. This move shocked him. He’d never known her this way.
‘I’m talking about the scene you caused today at the restaurant. Ellen and Willow weren’t exactly pleased.’
‘Oh sorry for them.’ She headed for the stairs.
‘What is with you?’ He followed behind her, but she didn’t reply or stop. You’re acting crazy!’
‘No!’ She stopped a moment. ‘The day I started acting crazy was when I believed I had to change for you. That’s madness!’ She entered the bedroom and headed for the closet. There were a few suitcases at the end of the closet, the ones they’d used when they went on their honeymoon. She pulled one from the top shelf.
‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ he asked.
He was silent a while, while he processed this information.
‘Something I should’ve done a long time ago.’
‘I will kill your mother and your brother. He’s on his way to Sierra Leone, anything could happen.’
Her heart picked up pace. She didn’t want anything to happen to her family, but she had to take care of herself or else she would cease to exist.
‘Do what you have to do.’ She didn’t mean that, but what else could she say. She began to take the clothes and put them in the suitcase.
‘You don’t get to take the clothes I bought you. You want to leave? You leave with nothing!’ He hated losing. He was in control, not her.
She stopped packing. ‘You’re right, these are not my real size clothing anyway!’
His nose flared, he was losing control. ‘Who do you think you are?’ He stepped forward towards her as if to strike her. ‘I’ll…’
‘You’ll what?’ she asked boldly even though she was terrified.
‘Kill you!’ He was livid.
She stood up and faced him. She loved him dearly it hurt, but she couldn’t keep denying who she was for him. ‘Go ahead. I’d rather die, than live another day denying who I am.’
He was silent a moment. He wasn’t expecting that response. He wanted fear and obedience, but Angelica was no longer a caged animal. She was fighting for her freedom; she was putting herself first for a change. If it meant a life without him, then that was how it was going to be. 

What’s happening end of this week?

So if you haven’t already read the first part to the Unexpected Love series, now is your chance to get it free. Starting from the 15th of July until the 20th, you can download it for free! So hurry up and get your copy. 
Not much else to tell you about what’s happening this week with regards to books and my work. I will definitely be working on the next story which I’m excited about it, but have no idea how it will go. I guess that’s the exciting part of writing.  So keep your eyes out for the new book.

On a personal note - A little bit about me and the crazy thing I did this week.

So Iris decided to cut her locks. Yep. I’ve been growing my natural hair for a good four years and then suddenly I felt the need to get rid of it all. I guess I was tired of the long process of maintaining it and then never having it out in the open. Now I just wash and go, it’s brilliant. So here are a couple photos of my new hairstyle :-).

As always stay blessed!

- Iris

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

So what’s happening this week?

Well quite a bit. My Loving You series has been proofread and now it’s ready to go for editing. It hasn’t been easy finding an editor, but I think I’ll finally find the right person. I’m really excited about having this story in print. I think a few more of my stories will follow in the same direction.

 The unexpected Love series is complete. Yes!

This is exactly how I feel hehe! 

It’s always nice to finish a series, but sad at the same time. I really do miss the characters. I’ve decided that this series will only have two parts because I feel the story is complete. Yes, my stories are usually in three’s, but this one has ended. I don't feel it's necessary to drag it out. I really enjoyed writing it, and felt empowered by Angelica. We all go through struggles, and at times we might feel weak or be seen as weak, but the human spirit always prevails. At least I believe it does. Expect the story out soon!

More on the book front. 

Starting on the 7th of July a few of my stories will be going free on Amazon. This is your chance to get a copy of the books free. The promo will run for five days, so make sure you download the books during that time. Some of the books that will be free are.

I hope you take this opportunity to download a free copy :-).

What are my plans for the next coming weeks?

Write, write and write some more. I will be starting my new paranormal series. I’m excited about it. So watch this space!

That’s about it for now. Short and sweet, but before I go I would like to answer a question that has been asked a few times.

 Why do I write short novellas with cliffhangers instead of full novels?

The reason I do that is how my mind words. I write a story until there’s no story left to tell. When I reach the end and there’s a cliffhanger, I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen in the second book. There is something about starting on a blank page for me. It’s as if I get new ideas by starting again. It’s weird and probably something I’ve taught myself to do, but it works. I have tried to get my stories to an end, but I always find that I’m forcing the story, and it never works.

I hope that has answered the question. I think every writer writes differently, and in the future I would really like to make my works longer. If not, I will just put all three volumes into one, for those who prefer longer works. It might just take a little bit longer.

On the personal

I will be going out to see a play tomorrow evening, (Betty Blue Eyes), which will be interesting. It’s always nice to go to the theatre. I’m hopeful that the weekend will bring good weather as we’re – by that I mean family – are off to a BBQ. I guess even if it rains we’ll still be having a BBQ. It would just be nice to have the sunshine.
I hope you have a great week and weekend!

- Iris

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Midweek Updates...

Midweek tings!
This is a whole new world for me and I plan or should I say I will try to keep it up. So many exciting things are happening in my life so I thought – not really – someone gave me the idea to update my blog on a regular basis to let you know what’s happening. So let’s see what I’ve been up to so far.

On the book front
I’m still working on the Unexpected Love series. Elliott is driving me a little insane! SMH!!! Most of the time I have an idea what my characters will do, but Elliott has a mind of his own. Angelica is also deciding what she wants to do with her life. Did I mention there’s a new love interest? Well sort of, but I still have no idea where these characters are going. I must admit that I’m enjoying them, and sometimes it’s hard to finish a series because you have to say goodbye to characters you’ve come to know and love. Anyway, this book can be expected early July, so keep your eyes peeled.

I also have a new idea for a new series. Now let me just say that it’s paranormal. Yes…I can almost hear you gasp with disbelief. Well I’m only imagining it, but I really think it’s a great idea. I won’t really know until I get it out there. It probably won’t be the typical paranormal, but nothing I write is the same as everyone else. So yep, I’m excited about this new story brewing within me, begging to come out!

I’m also working on getting my Autistic series into print. Exciting stuff! The three parts will be put into one and sold on Amazon. I’ve had a few requests about having my books in print, so I’ve heard and now I’m taking action. Watch this space Virginia Williams, my dear facebook friend! The paper back is being worked on. It’s just in the editing process. There might also be plans to have it in audio too!

I guess that’s about it on the book front, and now for something a little more exciting or interesting, however you wish to view it.

On the personal front
So Iris has finally found love! After writing about it for so long and being single for a good six years, I finally have my happily ever after! Oh and it’s better than fiction haha! I guess it’s something I wanted to share with my readers, hopefully you’ll find it interesting. And just so you know, I love white chocolate, olives, high heels even though I’m 5f10, dancing and saying the word ‘thingy.’ Yes these are the very important things about me! Wink. Wink.

There you have it. A little bit of Iris Deorre. Keep your eye out on this blog and you might find out a lot more about me, like how I support New Zealand rugby team instead of the England team! Horrific! I should be punished accordingly. Yes, riveting stuff! Stay beautiful.

Bye for now

- Iris