Monday, 1 October 2018


I've been reading an old series I'd written a while ago, thanks to some of my wonderful readers who have asked when I will write the next part. While I read the story I thought 'What a bitch!' with a slight excitement within me!

I recently had an interesting experience with an Irishman. I stress Irishman because it's not the first time I've encountered one. There is something about them, or perhaps the ones I meet. They have an arrogance or a should I say a forwardness that makes them quite attractive to me. Don't ask me why. That's a whole therapy session! Anyhoo, I was having this interesting conversation and found myself talking about stuff you don't tell strangers! But he had that thing! You know the thing! The thing where you find yourself confessing all your GOD DAMN SINS AND NOT BEING ASHAMED! Well not quite. But I remember seeing this glee in his eyes as he said, 'Oh you're cruel...and I like it!'
I quickly said, 'I am NOT!' And I really am not, but it's not up for debate. Once again, that's probably another therapy  session!  This part excited me, but it wasn't the thing that stuck with me. It was something he said a little later  that will stick with me for as long as I live, and I thought I'd share and use part of it in the next part of my series.

He said, ' You can do all the right things and still be the WRONG person for someone, and you can do all the WRONG things and be the right person for someone else!'


I'm not sure if it's a quote, but I'd never heard it before, but it really got me thinking. At the end of the day be yourself! Someone will love you the way you are. You don't need to bend yourself into a pretzel to be loved. It was a aha moment for me! And although some things are said for one's own agenda which I have insight into why he said what he said, I am grateful for what he said.

I am so looking forward to meeting the man who will look me in the eyes with glee in his eyes and say,  'I love you, you bitch!'

So there you have it! This has inspired the progression of my character!

Continue to be you AS I AM!

- Iris

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


I have been away for too long, and for that I am sorry. With work and now my studies once again, I find it difficult to juggle all these roles, but I am not one to make excuses. I am a force, I work hard and want to break glass ceilings rather than break others and will never be a victim. This is extremely important to me raising a future woman. She is the reason I am so focused! Anyway, I’ve decided to share something a little different. I hope you enjoy it.

The book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by John Gray was mentioned to me on an evening out by a friend. I snorted at the book. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard about it before, I had just decided it wasn’t a book I wanted to read. The funny thing was it probably did get my attention because after that conversation I looked for the book and read the reviews and decided to make up my mind based on those reviews. The funny thing about reviews is that I was drawn to the ones that would verify my judgment about a book I hadn’t read. Looking back at that now, I see how silly it sounds. It wasn’t until I mentioned it to someone else who challenged me, did I decide to read the book. You see…I like to be right! I like to give my OPINION! So, I just had to read it so I could do just that!

I started to read the book and at the beginning I found it difficult to agree with anything because I had already formed an opinion based on my beliefs and judgement, so it was difficult to see the book for what it was. But as I got into the book I began to suspend judgement and really read the book and take in what was a different opinion and see it for what it was and so here’s my honest review.

It is a known fact that men and women differ. We only have to hear ‘it’s a boy or girl!’ after delivery to know that difference. Friends, and by friends, I mean ‘women’ as I am a woman, have one major complaint that usually sounds like this; ‘he doesn’t listen!’ I hear you babe!  I can’t speak for men, but I do hear that most men think women want to change them. Believe these two statements long enough and they become true! John takes you on a journey to help one understand our differences and to appreciate them rather than fight or want to change them. It encourages women to look at things from a man’s perspective and vice versa.

John states that we love based on how we love.  This is true. How else would we love if that is all we know and haven’t been taught any different?  He gives examples of how women want to be listened to and think the same is true for men. They give advice or help when what a man might need is time and space to figure out what he might want to do next. The same is true when men offer solutions to a woman when all she wants is to be heard or if he gives her space when what she really needs is him to show up for her. In his mind that is what she needs based on what he needs.  That doesn’t mean that it is the same for the woman. Women want to feel heard and safe not abandoned which is felt the most when men think they are giving space. A woman thinks; ‘He doesn’t care about me,’ but in in his mind he thinks it’s the right thing based on what he would need.

These are only brief examples of the book, but it gives insight into how different sexes relate to each other. So once the other understands the other’s love language they should try to accept it. This is a big ask! Afterall, we have all been conditioned to behave in a certain way, however it is not an impossible task. It all depends on the individual and whether they are willing to make those changes.

John gives practical advice on how to make these changes. It gives direction and allows one to put it to use. One of the practical examples that stood out for me was the love letters.  Instead of accusing or blaming, John suggests writing a love letter. At the beginning of the letter it might be directed at your partner, but as you explore your feelings, one might find that the feelings are from past hurts. Everyone carries stuff from their past. John mentions this and states that sometimes the deepest emotional issues from the past are triggered within relationships. This book is not a substitute for deeper emotional issues, rather it is like a map, a guide for a person to see or understand what might be going on within one’s own life.  I could go on about what the book meant to me, but this is not the purpose of this review. One must read the book to get the benefit of it.

So, what is my verdict? If I were to sum it up into one word I would say ‘INSIGHTFUL!’ It wasn’t that I didn’t know men and women were different, it was how to accept that without losing parts of one’s self. After suspending my judgment, I was able to see the book for what it was. A guide. An insight and a way through this life and just another way of looking at life. It was particularly helpful for me to understand my triggers and what to do about them. The love letters make it very helpful for me. It also made me understand that the things that bug us most about other people are the things that need our attention the most. Our behaviours and reactions toward others tell us more about ourselves than they do about the person who triggered it. And if we pay attention, we will get out of our own way and start doing the work to heal ourselves. Personally, it brought up an important question. Do I attract the wrong partners or do my behaviours trigger their behaviours and make me believe that they are the wrong partners?  I don’t think there is a wrong or right answer, but an answer that works for me as an individual.  There is always a reaction to a behaviour and if one does not look at how their own behaviour trigger certain responses in others, they will forever make the same mistakes. For me, this is the beginning of healing! However, the book also made me realise that you must go easy on yourself. A lifetime of conditioning will not change overnight, and from time to time a person will revert to old behaviours. You must be willing to forgive yourself and begin again. Isn’t that what life is about? About living, being in the moment and starting over again, because at some point you will get it right. So, in conclusion I am grateful I read this book! I really am!

Book available on Amazon UK

Stay forever you! xxx

-     -   Iris 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Brief update

Iris Deorre is very busy, but loving every moment of it! This does not  mean I have stopped writing, it just means I've slowed down a bit. I am slowly working on the next book to the Shattered series. I can't be exact when I will be done, but just know that I am working on it. 

So what has slowed me down? Well I have started a new job. Although it is part-time it has taken up some of my writing time. I am also studying, I'm in my second year of a psychology degree, for those of you who don't know. I am getting to the end of my module for this year, so once I have finished it - that will be around the end of May - I will have more time to write. 

It is a lot at the moment, but I do enjoy everything I do and I am sure that the more I learn and experience in my life, the more these experiences will appear in my writing. I hope this helps you understand why I've slowed down a little, and not to worry. I have not stopped writing!

Keep your eyes peeled for next story!

- Iris

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Free book limited time only!

From the 23rd to the 27th of February, my book A Different kind of Love, will be FREE! Yes, that's right! You will have the opportunity to own the whole eBook for free. Please make sure you download it from Amazon between the dates mentioned!

I have also lowered most of my books to 0.99 c, which means you'll be able to get most of my books for this low price. All these books are stories I wrote a while ago and would love for people to read them. I am in the middle of writing book two of the SHATTERED series, so keep your eyes out for it! It will take a while but I have started on it. 

You can find the story to download on these two links!

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New Year, new book

Happy 2018! I hope it will be a great one. I have been working on this story for a few months and it's finally out. I'm happy that it's done. It hasn't been easy to write, but I have enjoyed every moment of it and I hope you do too. It's another a story on mental health. One of the reasons I am writing about it is because of my studies and working with people with mental health. I hope that this story brings awareness, but I also hope you enjoy it!

Audrey has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and range of other mental health problems. She has never been in love and has spent time in and out of hospital. Audrey is afraid to take a shower in her own apartment because she thinks something bad would happen to her family. Its how her mind works, something a lot of people don’t understand. Audrey feels alone, and this only exacerbates her anxiety. The one good thing in her life is her passion for art. Audrey is a great artist and has held a job as a designer for seven years. Cruelty at work, although subtle, exists, and not a lot is done for her mental health in the work place.

But one day, Audrey’s life is about to change when Ashton moves into the apartment next door. The tall dark-haired hunk changes her whole world, or so it seems. Ashton has done something no psychiatrist has been able to do. Even Audrey’s mother, Stella, is shocked, in fact she is a little worried. How could this man change her daughter so swiftly? Could Ashton be the answer to her mental health issues? Does love conquer all or does it expose all? 

This book is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US


- Iris 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Sweet Surrender (Abandon hearts series book 3)

The final to the Abandon Hearts series is now available. It's available on all outlets.

What happens to Skylar now? The man she thought she would love for the rest of her life has disappeared. Has he done all those things he’s been accused of? What about her unborn son? What will she tell him about his father? Skylar doesn’t want to believe her husband is a killer, but when a body is found, more things begin to unfold and there’s a lot more to Noah than she cares to know about.

It’s a long road ahead, and after the news of the murders comes out, Skylar loses her job. Her life is ruined by a man who had never been honest from the beginning, and she begins to question herself and everything she’s believed in. What happens now? Is this the end of her life too? Skylar has to discover just how strong she is. 

Hope you enjoy!

- Iris

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Broken Wings -New release Updated

Hello beautiful people

This is just an update of my new release. It seems my video didn't show on mobile format for those who subscribe to my blog.

So here's my video link if you didn't manage to see in the previous post. 

You can find it here : Broken Wings video 

Hope you've had a lovely weekend! Look out for a new story coming out pretty soon.

Stay blessed