Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Woman in her Dreams (Ruby-Rae book 3)

So the third part to the Rub-Rae series has been published. She's been captured! Will Jacob find her? If he does, what happens after that. There seems to be so many twists and turns to Ruby-Rae's life. At least one thing is certain, she has someone who loves her and that makes things a lot easier. 

Book 3 is now available at Amazon and is in the top hundred of 90 min reads thrillers. You can see it here. The woman in her dreams top 100 short reads.


Ruby-Rae has been taken! It is now up to Jacob to find her. But what happens to her parents? They are the ones who have caused all this trauma in her life. Things are changing fast. Her abductors have unlocked a few memories that could jeopardise a lot of things. Will Jacob find and rescue her, and if and when he does, what will happen next? Things aren’t as they seem. Things begin to unfold and answers begin to come to Ruby-Rae. But who is the woman in her dreams? That is what Ruby-Rae really needs to find out!


Ruby-Rae was in and out of consciousness. She felt a slight prick to her arm and managed to open her eyes to catch a glimpse of what was going on.  The man with the white beard stood beside her with two other men. There was a woman to the other side of her.
‘What’s…what’s going on?’
‘Where is it Nuan?’ The bearded man asked.
‘Where’s what?’ Her mouth felt like cotton wool and her head felt like an axe was lodged in it. What did this man want? What was he asking for? Where was what?
The man looked at one of the men and asked, ‘How much more can she take before it becomes dangerous?’
‘One more, any more she might never come back from it.’ He looked to the side where a couple of syringes lay.
‘Fine, give her one more then.’
The man was hesitant. But he had to do what he was told even though he knew it was a danger to Ruby-Rae. He picked up a syringe and administered it to her arm directly in her vein. Ruby-Rae felt the liquid shoot through her veins all around her body and finally to her mind. It was like a short knock out and then being woken up from it. She struggle to keep her eyes opened.
‘Nuan, where did your father and mother hide their secrets? It’s important that you tell me. He was a smart man and I’m sure he gave you some sort of information. Information that if put together could be very useful indeed. I need it.’
She moved her head from side to side slowly, the room spun and his voice felt like it was a YouTube video on a slow connection. It was then that she slipped into a place she’d didn’t remember but felt happy.

I hope you enjoy the story and look out for book four coming soon!

- Iris

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Second part to Ruby-Rae Now Available

So I've finally finished the second part to the Ruby-Rae series. It is a few days late, but I've made it. I hope you enjoy it. Don't worry, the next one won't take this long as I'm only focusing on this story for now. 

Ruby-Rae is an interesting character. She will soon learn how valuable she is to those who hunt her down. Jacob is her hero. If it wasn't for him, she would've died. It's nice to have someone who has your back, it reminds you that you're not alone in this life. There is still quite a bit to tell and the exciting part is that I don't even know what's going to happen next. The story guides me, it has a life of it's own, I find that really exciting!

You can get this story on Amazon

Amazon US
Amazon UK


Jacob has finally come to Ruby-Rae’s rescue, but what will happen to Henry and the deal his parents made with Ruby-Rae. What Ruby-Rae doesn’t know is that other people are after her too. It’s only after Jacob commits to keeping her safe does he find out why.

The new love of her life has come at the right time, probably the best time because Ruby-Rae is in more danger than she will ever know. 

Other News

Well I was doing dry January and by day ten I gave in and had a drink!! Oh no! The truth is I don't feel guilty at all. I feel there's no point and it serves no purpose. Will I try again? Not sure, but for now I'm just living one day at a time.

I hope your year has started out great and will continue to be a great year! That's all for now.

- Iris

Friday, 6 January 2017

Dry January and other news

So I've committed myself to having a dry January. I'm a bit late to the party because it's only been three days! But three days no booze for me is a big deal. It was getting to the point I was polishing a bottle of Merlot a day!!! Not cool. To be honest I didn't want to stop drinking, but I discovered that it was becoming a terrible habit so I've decided to go thirty days without drinking. 

I can't count the first three days because I drank half glass on the second of Jan and three glasses on the third of Jan, but on the fourth day I was fed up of this routine so I got up and promised I would go thirty days without any kind of alcohol. 

On New Years eve I had one hell of a night. I had actually told myself that I wanted to get really pissed! I did and paid the price for that night. It was enjoyable, but by the end of it I didn't enjoy the hangover. 

This is me early hours of New years day!!!

I felt awful! And though I can't promise I will never do this again because I know what I'm like when I go out to party, I do want to stay away from the booze this January. So far it's been great. 

Day One

Felt really motivated and kept drinking blackcurrant with seven up, as well as a few cups of tea. That evening I slept really well. 

Day Two

Waking up felt awesome. No headache, not feeling moody and while I walked my dog early that morning I had so much energy. It felt awesome.

Day Three

This is the day I pat my self on the back. Although it isn't a big deal to some people, it's huge for me. I feel pretty great. The night before I was watching Cougar Town with my Bae and every time the cast drink, I kept wanting a drink, but I didn't do it! So that was great!

What these three sober days have taught me?

Well I'm doing a lot more work. I'm ahead of my university work. I have a lot more energy and I'm writing a lot more than when I'm drinking. Drinking makes me drowsy and all I want to do at the end of the day is sleep.  So the effects have been pretty positive. I want to stay the course. Watch this space. 

So will I drink again? Yes. I'm not planning to quit for good, but I do want to change my relationship with alcohol. I want to drink it and enjoy it, but not drink every day. Everything in moderation, as the saying goes!

And other news...

Well I'm working on the second part to the Ruby-Rae, Assassin series. I'm enjoying that. It will be available next week. So keep your eyes peeled.  I will be sticking with this story until it's finished. I don't want to drag this one. So you won't be waiting too long. 

Besides writing I will be out Saturday morning at a coffee morning. I am a bereavement supporter for those who have lost loved ones to terminal illness. This will be my first coffee morning so I am looking forward to it.

That's all the news I have for now, I wish you all the best for 2017!

stay blessed

- Iris