Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Different Kind Of Love (Loving You Book One)

Being left out and alone can feel terrible. Marley is one such person. She isn't like anyone else and has a hard time fitting in. Her parents worry that she'll never find anyone to love. But life always has a different plan. It's not about someone to love, it's about allowing someone to love her for who she is. This book is now available on Amazon. Hope you enjoy.


‘She’s different,’ the doctors had said.
‘What do you mean different?’ Marley’s parents had asked.
The two year old had hid under the table away from it all.

Marley was no ordinary woman. At the age of two her parents had been told that she was special. Without many people to understand or help her much, Marley would bury herself in figures. Maths and patterns were the only things that calmed her down. Her genius pushed her through school – although it was lonely – to where she became a maths professor. Not the easiest thing for her. 


For a moment, she gazed at her dark brown eyes as she looked through the mirror. No own could ever tell what lay behind those eyes. Even she didn’t know what lay behind her eyes. Life for Marley had never been easy. It was quite obvious there was something wrong by the time she was two. It seemed as though there was something not quite right. She was never able to blend in with other children, she loved to sit beneath a table, and loathed to be touched. It overwhelmed her mother Doris. She’d so wanted to touch her daughter, but Marley wouldn’t let her. Scott, Marley’s dad had been able to cope with it a little better. It wasn’t easy, but he also accepted that their child was never going to be like any other child. It had been confirmed by doctors that she was autistic. It was hard to say where she was, because of the broad spectrum. What happened with other children, didn’t necessarily mean it would happen to Marley.
There was one thing that Marley was good at and that was numbers and patterns. She could spend hours just working a puzzle or working mathematical problems. It seemed that there was something special lying underneath it all.
Marley took the toothbrush from the cup and put a blob of toothpaste on it. She set the timer on the side of the sink at two minutes and began to brush. As soon as the timer went off, Marley rinsed her mouth. Next, it was her face. She washed her face with great precision. It wasn’t always the case, but sometimes the time it took her to do something was important. The shower was next, and within ten minutes she was out and ready to get dressed. 

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Between Love (Crazy Love series book 3)

This is the final to the crazy love series. The story took on its own life and took me to the end. I guess life always no better. Hope you enjoy.

Life is going great with Louise and Julian until someone from his past walked in and tries to destroy everything. Just as the couple are about to overcome this little hiccup, another surprise hits them. But this time can they survive it? Louise faces her biggest challenge yet. Each turn in her life makes her a better person, but while she goes through it, she doesn’t see it. It’s only at the end does she see the bigger picture. It seems life has bigger plans than the ones she had laid out for herself.

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Confused Love (Crazy love series book 2)

The second book to the Crazy love series is now out on Amazon.

Sometimes it takes pain to make a person realise true love. It can be the thing that propels one to a place of love. Louise is in a difficult position. Once independent, now has to rely on the people around her. What she doesn’t expect is for a hookup to turn into something more serious. The meeting doesn’t matter, it’s the way forward that can break or make a relationship. Will Louise finally allow her heart to love fully? Perhaps, but it always takes two to tango!

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Hookup (Crazy love series)

If you're looking to read something a little different, then The hook up might be the thing for you. It's all about living in the present moment because we can never know what's going to happen tomorrow. Louise discovers this as her world turns upside down, but love has a funny way of turning things around. Even if it comes in an unexpected way. The Hookup is now available on Amazon. 

What would you do if your hookup was actually falling in love with you? Louise has been served enough heartbreak to last her a lifetime. But when she starts hooking up with a hot guy, the last thing she expects is love. Louise doesn’t want to know the details. Details equal relationship. But when something happens in her life and she has to depend on her no strings man, things start to look different. The hookup is not so much of a hookup anymore. It seems life has other plans.



‘You okay?’ Laura asked concerned.

‘No. No I’m not. This break up is really getting to me. He won’t talk to me. It’s so rude of him.’

Laura sat beside her and placed her hand on Louise’s hand. ‘He’s a dick. It isn’t you. It’s him. If he doesn’t have the decency to be polite about this, then it’s on him. I know it’s easier said than done. I’ve been through this with my first divorce.’

Louise looked up at Laura. This wasn’t something she’d heard before. Laura had always been a private person.

‘Yep. I’ve been through this and I know exactly what it feels like. My ex-husband left me for another woman. It was so unexpected. I thought we were in love.’ When she spoke there was no pain. ‘It was like a punch in the throat. He did exactly what Chris is doing. Ignoring calls, not helping with the financial decisions. It was a nightmare. At times I thought I wouldn’t survive it. There had been times I felt like taking my own life.’

‘Oh my god, Laura.’

‘Yes. It was that bad. You’re strong. You are the woman you say you are. You got up today and you came to work. I hid at home for weeks. I blamed myself. I tried everything to convince him to take me back. Nothing worked. It was horrible.’


‘But here I am. Married to the man of my dreams. A man who is a hundred times better than my ex-husband. If I’d let it destroy me I wouldn’t have found him.’

‘Thanks for letting me know.’

She nodded. ‘It may feel like this will never pass, but believe me it will. One day you’ll look at him and feel nothing.’

‘Well I can’t wait for that day, because right now I’m going through hell.’

‘I know. Go through it. Feel it. It will pass.’ She patted her hand.

Louise understood it in theory, but in practice it was so different. ‘Yes I get it.’