Monday, 23 March 2015

The Girl Next Door (Volume 1)

My new story is now available on Amazon and Amazon Prime. This series will be on Prime so that readers can get it at an affordable price. It's a decision I thought about long and hard and decided it would be the best option, for now. As the way people read books evolves, I must evolve with it. So I hope you enjoy this series! As always I'm enjoying writing  it!

 When Brandon finally walks out on his girlfriend after a five year relationship, he moves into a place of his own. His new found freedom was supposed to give him a chance to be alone, and enjoy life, but his neighbour has caught his attention.

None of the neighbours like Eden. She keeps herself to herself, and for good reason. But Brandon becomes intrigued by the mysterious Eden, and wants to get to know her. The more he knows, the more he likes her, and begins to have feelings for her.  But other people don’t want to see the relationship flourish, and just as they are about to build a relationship, it comes crushing down. A secret is revealed!  Is there enough love to save the relationship or is this a deal breaker? Only time will tell.

Available at Amazon US and Amazon UK