Friday, 27 November 2015

The Devil Crucified

This is just a story about domestic abuse and the way it has affected the main character. If you're squirmish then it is best not to read this story. 

Ariella has murdered her husband in the most heinous way possible. Brian Lawrence was a God fearing man and people have nothing but good things to say about him. So why on earth did Ariella kill him?  And why in such a brutal way?

It’s Lillian’s job to figure out if Ariella is criminally insane or just a psychopath. But how can she be the latter if she’s never done this before? As the story unfolds, questions are answered. And soon things come to light. 


‘He’d make me pray to him. Make me beg his forgiveness. He said he was god. That he was my saviour and without him I was nothing! Nothing!’
It was the first time she’d seen Ariella upset. That showed that she was feeling something about all this. 
‘He would whip me, my back and my body. All the hidden parts, the parts my clothes covered. Once he was done, he’d force me to... So…’ She gazed at the bookcase again.
‘So what?’ 
‘So since he wanted to be the saviour, it was fitting that he died like one!’

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