Saturday, 26 August 2017

Kindle Unlimited, Indie author, going wide, new titles and much more....

This might interest other indie authors. You know when you’re stuck in a rut and you’re not sure what to do about it? That was me a few weeks ago. My rut was KU select. I’ve just begun to free myself from KU.  Now I know some indie authors are making it work, but it wasn’t the case for me. I have tried to make it work, but with anything, after trying and it’s still not working it’s time to stop! That doesn’t mean giving up, rather it’s a time to step back, reflect and come back with a better strategy than the one that’s not working.
I finally accepted that it was time to go wide again. Time to find new readers, new adventures and leave the old behind.  It was time to see the world as an abundant place, full of opportunities and lots to discover. What KU did was put blinkers on me, placing me in a competitive mindset that only put me in high stress. It also stopped me from seeing anything else. Just because you’ve reached a brick wall doesn’t mean you can’t go over it, go around it or walk back in the direction you came and take a different turn a few miles ahead.  Opportunities are endless, we’re the only ones who get in our own way, limit ourselves with our limited beliefs.

Slowly I have begun to remove my titles from KU. I have to wait a while for some of my titles because of the exclusivity clause.  What I like about going wide is I can put my first book in a series out for free for as long as I want and not just five days that KU allows. What I’ve noticed about slowly putting a free book in a series is that I find new readers and some of those readers continue to read the rest of the series. This will be a slow process but a more sustainable one in the long run. I’m looking ahead and hoping to keep my head afloat. That also means more titles from me this year and next.  Like building a business or a house, it’s about taking a step at a time, one brick at a time. One day there will be a house. Life is no quick fix, it’s a process. Just like you can’t plant a seed today and expect it to be done in a week, so is everything in life. We want instant, we want it now. I know I did, but instead of trying to get to the finish line, I want to enjoy the journey. Take in the ups and downs as I get to where I want to be. That’s the life I’ve chosen from this day forward.  I know I’ve made the right decision, and I will write about it again in about six months and to report how I got on. I hope this helps other indie authors who are struggling with whether or not to stay in KU.

Now other news! I received a message about my inmate series. I haven’t thought about the series in a long time, but the question was when would I be writing book three. Now that’s a very good question and I’m grateful for this reader for bringing it to my attention. This has focused me to look at it and make a commitment to write book three so look out for that. I am in the middle of writing the Ruby-Rae series at the moment, but after that I will take a look at the inmate series. I also have my Lilly book to write as well. This is all good for me, it means for the next few months I have a lot of writing to do. I’d like to tie up all loose ends before the end of the year on all books.

Okay, this is about it for a while. I’m about go on holiday and so I’m already in holiday mode. I’m off to Prague to meet my family. I have family in South Africa, and a nephew in the Netherlands, so we’re meeting up, it’s a family reunion.  It will be a good break and I promise to share some snaps when I get back.

I’m really beginning to feel optimistic about my life, about the coming months and I’m looking forward to the new year. A whole lot has happened that has forced me to refocus my life and remember who I am and what I can and have achieved so far. I am the woman I am because of the strength I have within. And next year you will hear all about it, changes, changes, that’s all I can say at the moment. Change even though hard, forces growth and when you look back you thank the stars, the universe or yourself for the things that happened. The moment you embrace change and stop struggling against the current you actually begin to enjoy it and understand it. Understand that life just is!

That’s all for now. Stay blessed and I will update you with snaps and new books soon.

 - Iris

Monday, 21 August 2017

New book! What Happened to Lilly

So I've finally finished my latest story. I've really enjoyed telling it and I hope you enjoy it too. So now that this book is out,  it's time for me to get back to writing the Ruby-Rae series. Lots to come! Exciting times. 

New book available at AMAZON US and AMAZON UK

 Sophia Fitzgerald had married the wrong man and was now stuck with two children her husband Blake never wanted. Blake, her now ex has walked out of his family, leaving her to pick up the pieces and work through the pain of it all. Through it all, she has her adoptive parents support who love her very much.
One day, her father, Edwin Fitzgerald sets her up with a man he thinks would be perfect. Oscar is the kind of man Edwin would love as a son in law and would do anything to make it happen. Before signing a business deal with Oscar, Edwin asks him to take his daughter, Sophia on a date. It’s an odd request, but Oscar decides that it would be worth it, once he got the business he wouldn’t have to entertain Edwin’s daughter anymore. But that all changes when Oscar meets Sophia. Not only is she beautiful and hard to ignore, she’s about to pop with a second child. It’s the oddest paring, but it almost seems perfect. Oscar, never married, no children and no prospects of doing so, thinks things might just work out. And things do turn out so well that the pair get together, and he becomes step father to the new baby, Lilly.

Sophia is living her fairy life. When she thought love had abandoned her, Oscar showed her that it was possible to find love again. But the fairy tale is short lived when on a very special day, Lilly disappears from their lives. It could be anyone, but no one is talking and everyone is looking. What the hell happened to Lilly?

There you have it! This is a little different to what I usually write, so I'm excited about it. I really do hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now back to writing the Ruby-Rae series!

- Iris

Friday, 4 August 2017

It's been a while

I know, I had promised to keep my blog up to date, but life happened. I'm sorry for not keep you up to date with what's going on with my life and work. I'm back now and focused on bringing out quite a few stories before the end of this year. 

So first things first. The Ruby Rae series. I've put it on hold on for a short while. I have a story that's going between this series and then I will be back to tell you everything that's happening with Ruby-Rae. I can't wait to get back to it myself. There's so much to tell. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all I want to do and freeze and do nothing at all. But I'm unstuck now and I a moving again.  I will be finishing my first year at Uni so that's out of the way until October. It's been a challenge but worth it. I'm looking forward to my second year. 

So a little bit about my new story.  It's a thriller. Yep. Be prepared for a little bit of disturbing stuff, but there is love, lots of it so don't be put off by the ugly. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. Every story I tell I get really excited about, and I'm grateful for all the people who have read my books. Thank you for your support. Mwah!

Here's the cover to the new story coming out really soon!

Stay beautiful

- Iris