Friday, 28 October 2016

Weekend, Updates and everything in between!

I had promised to be on top of my blog, so here it is. Hopefully I can give another jam packed week ahead. Well probably not. Anyway I was in the middle of writing another story when something hit me. I haven't heard this quote for a while, but it became appropriate for the character I'm writing for at the moment. It's the quote from Grey's Anatomy. 

Read for yourself!

This kind of sums it up!  My character in my new story seems to be beating herself into what others want, but what about her? What about what she needs? Her needs are not invalid, they matter and she shouldn't feel bad for asking for what she needs. The evening I heard this quote I was watching Grey's and just living in my own bubble, until that quote. I was in a situation myself at the time and it suddenly dawned on me that it wasn't up to the person I was dating to make the change, it was up to me. I realised that he couldn't give me what I NEEDED, and no amount of pleading would make him do it. It was then that I took action and walked away from a situation that no longer served me, because I realised that he wasn't the SUN. I WAS! It was a sad, but a freeing moment, a moment I hope my character will take when the time is right. 

Hopefully, Ruby-Rae - that's her name - will meet someone who will choose her, because she is worth it!

What's happening this weekend? 

For starters I've started on the red wine. See my works station!

So let's start with the most important thing! You guessed it, Forensics for Dummies (NOT). The wine of course. I feel like Olivia Pope after a long day when she takes a swig at her wine glass. I savour the taste a while, then feel that everything is A-okay. 

As you can see there is quite a bit of junk on there, including nail polish, chocolate and my uni books. I'm studying a degree in Psychology. All of this so called junk is relevant, even the forty pence. I should remember to take it with me so I can pay for parking. 

You must be wondering about the masks in the background. I will leave that to your imagination, teehee!

So after I've finished doing what I have to do for tomorrow's tutorial, I will make tea and then head out to my friends house for a chat. So I have to take it easy with the wine. I will however have more when I get back and have a little dance out. It's me alone at home tonight. 

Tomorrow I'll be at University, and on Sunday I plan to take my dog for a long walk. I've even convinced my fifteen year old to come with me. But this will only happen if the weather is good and I can actually be bothered. Watch this space!

I hope you have a fab weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for my new release coming out soon! In the meantime you can dance it out like I will later tonight with a full glass of wine in my hand!

Keep being you!


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