Monday, 11 March 2013

Unfailing Love

Snippet to Unfailing love – Enjoy

Jude was almost ready. In a way he was glad that Eden had rung to say she was running a little late. This way he would be able to put the finishing touches to what he was doing. His heart skipped, never had he been this excited. He was grateful to Amber for all her help and he would definitely owe her one. He wasn’t sure he would’ve been able to pull it all off on his own, well at least not in one day after a lecture.
He walked into the kitchen and made a few finishing touches to the meal he had prepared and then he heard the keys in the door. He quickly took off the apron and made his way to the door to greet her. Quickly he took her into his arms and planted a very wet kiss on her lips.
‘Hmmm, happy to see me and what’s the gorgeous smell?’ she looked up at him lovingly.
‘It’s a surprise.’
Eden raised her eyebrows, the house was warm and as she looked at the passage way it was clear of socks and shoes.
‘The house looks clean.’
‘Hmmm, I’ve made sure there are no socks hanging about and I’ve done some of the laundry and cleaned the kitchen and upstairs.’
‘Oh wow!’ She was genuinely surprised.
‘And that’s not all my lovely.’
‘It isn’t?’
He shook his head and held out his hand for her to take.
‘Close your eyes,’ he said.
‘Oh, this is so exciting. What is it?’
‘It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you would it?’
Eden giggled as they walked towards the living room, he pushed opened the door and Eden could hear the light sound of instrumental music. She also caught a whiff of a sweet orangey smell.
‘What’s that beautiful smell?’ she asked.
‘You will have to wait my love.’ He guided her a bit more and then finally stopped.
For a moment he let go of her hand and Eden stood with her eyes shut giggling.
‘No opening your eyes.’ He warned.
‘I won’t, I promise.’
There was a bit of shuffling and then it was dead silent. Where had he gone? Eden tried to sense him but she didn’t have a clue where he’d gone. She knew he was close but couldn’t figure out where.
‘Okay…you can open your eyes.’
Slowly Eden opened her eyes. She was greeted by darkness. Not total darkness but candles lit up the dark room everywhere.
‘Oh wow!’ Her body covered in Goosebumps as she looked down and saw Jude on one knee. ‘Oh my god Jude.’ Tears welled up in her eyes.
‘I know you’ve said yes to me already but I wanted to make this special like I promised.’
Eden dropped her head to the side and gazed at him tenderly. The candlelight from a round table besides them lit up his handsome face. He took her hand in his and smiled.
‘Eden Hayden you mean the world to me. The first time I lay eyes on you I knew you were mine. I just knew it in my heart and I still know it today.’
‘Awww…you’re making me cry.’ She sniffed.
He let go of her hand for a short while and pulled out a little black velvet box from his back pocket and proceeded to open it before her.
‘Oh Jude!’ She cupped her hands to her mouth.
Eden Hayden.’
‘Yes?’ she shook.
‘Will you marry me?’
‘Yes, yes I will marry you. Yes I will marry you.’ She gave him her shaky hand and he put the ring on her finger gently.
‘You have just made me the happiest man in the world. He rose to his feet and took her into his arms. He brought her face forward and kissed her passionately. Eden too took as much of him as she could, she had never felt this emotional all at once. For moments they would stop and gaze into each others eyes, speaking volumes and yet saying nothing. Only they knew between them what each gaze meant.
‘I love you so much.’ He whispered finally and stole a kiss again. ‘I love you so much.’ He bit her bottom lip. ‘You are amazing.’ Again he stole a kiss teasingly and tenderly and then finally they couldn’t hold back and gave of themselves completely.
‘Don’t get me too excited.’ He mouthed against her. ‘We have a long night ahead of us.’
‘We do?’
‘Yes, let me take your jacket.’ He offered. He then took her towards the small round table that had two of the kitchen chairs and pulled out a chair for her to sit.
‘This is lovely. I see you found the table clothes.’ She teased.
‘I did indeed.’
A candle was lit in the middle of the table and two plates and cutlery were opposite each other.
‘This is so exciting Jude, thank you.’
‘For you? Anything.’ He leaned down and kissed her cheek. ‘Now just give me a few minutes and I’ll be back with our dinner.’
He picked up a remote and increased the volume to the music. It was instrumental, something she’d never heard before but it sounded lovely.
‘I’ll be back,’ he said and then nipped out.
Jude came back with a bottle of champagne, popped it opened and poured them a glass each.
‘I could get used to this,’ Eden took a sip of the champagne.
‘And you should. I’ll just go get the starters.’ He added and left before Eden could say anything. She looked around her, her heart was happy and even though the day had taken its toil on her she finally began to relax. She looked at the silver ring with the diamond in the middle and admired it. It looked good on her finger. She couldn’t believe it, actually seeing the ring on her finger made it that much more real. She was going to be someone’s wife. Not so long ago she never believed that this day would ever come, but it had and with the most amazing man she’d ever met.
Jude returned with a tray and placed two small piping hot bowls with prawns in garlic sauce and garlic bread.
‘Hmmmm, this smells so good it’s making my mouth water.’ Eden gazed at the starter. The prawns floated in the garlic sauce. Jude put the tray to one side and sat down opposite her, the candle lighting up his face.
He lifted the bowl of garlic bread and encouraged her to take some and to dip it into the sauce.  Eden did so and closed her eyes as she took in the amazing taste that tickled her taste buds.
‘Where on earth did you learn to cook like this?’
‘I had some help.’ He winked. ‘I’m an okay cook as you know but – ‘
‘Let me guess, Amber?’ Eden smiled, it was the first time she could say that name without feeling threatened.
‘She sends her love.’ He teased.
‘I bet she did.’ She picked up a fork and picked up the prawns, they were equally divine.
‘So...’ he looked at her gently. ‘I didn’t get to ask how your first day as boss went.’
Eden chewed on the prawn and smiled slightly,’ Turned out better than I thought it would. Everyone seemed onboard and supportive. I was quite surprised.’
‘That’s good isn’t it?’
‘Yes I guess. I think everyone was just pleased to know where they stood. I guess there is nothing worse than not knowing what’s going to happen to your job.’
‘Hmm, I can’t imagine it.’ He dipped into the sauce with the garlic bread.
‘I made a few contacts during my meetings, which I’m glad about.’ She added.
‘That’s great honey. You know I will support you whatever you do.’
‘Yes I know and I love you for it.’
They drifted onto other things and Jude went to get the second course which was pasta in cheese sauce, chicken strips and mixed vegetables.
‘You have really out done yourself.’ She dug into the food. ‘This is amazing.’
‘Thanks hun, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.’
They decided on a wedding date which was a year away. That would give them enough time to plan.
‘I can’t wait to tell Liv.’ she smiled widely.
‘We should also go and see your mum.’
Eden was silent about that for a moment. Jude was right but she didn’t know how she felt about her mother at that moment.
‘Not only about the wedding but about Josh. When he comes out of hospital he will need a place to stay to recover.’
‘I know you’re right but I’m just not sure I’m ready to face her.’
‘You won’t have to do it alone; I’ll be there with you.’
He put his hand across the table and placed it over hers. ‘I’m here for you.’
‘I know Jude, I know.’ She still wasn’t convinced she wanted to go and see her mother but he was right. She had to tell her about the engagement and they had to discuss Joshua whether her mother wanted to or not.
‘Time for desert.’ He began to clear the plates after they’d finished.
‘Gosh, I’m not sure there’s enough room for desert.’ She sat back into the chair. The evening had been lovely.
‘Okay.’ He stood with the plates in his hand. ‘How about we dance, that way we can make room for desert.’
‘Dance?’ Eden giggled.
‘Yes dance.’ He popped out quickly to take the plates to the kitchen and then returned, picked up the remote and messed around with it a bit.
‘How about…. Some Luther… da da dad a…’ He held out his hand for her take. ‘C’mon.’
Eden took his hand and they began to move to the music Eden laughing in between.
‘Oh yeah, shake it for me baby…’
‘Stop it.’ she laughed shyly as they swung to the music.
Jude sang along to the song.
‘Oh stop.’                                                 
‘C’mon, show daddy some moves.’ He swung her around and Eden began to get into the beat. ‘That’s more like it, that’s how I know you.’ He made her do another twirl and then took her into his arms and they swayed to the music.
‘This has been the best and happiest night of my life.’ Eden cradled into Jude as the music slowed down.
‘Mine too, you’ve made me the happiest man on earth.’ He kissed the crown of her head.
They slowed down with the music, Jude ran his finger up and down the middle of her spine. She lifted her head and gazed up into his eyes. Without words he lowered his head and kissed her lips. Eden gasped for air, it didn’t matter what, he would always be able to take her breath away.
First his kisses were slow and then became more desperate. He lowered to her neck as he began to unbutton her blouse. His warm hands found their way to her healthy bust. His kisses moved from her neck to her chest and finally to her breasts. Without taking off her bra Jude took her nipple between his teeth, pulling and slightly biting into the bud teasing her nipples.
‘Oh Jude.’ She panted desperately, her hands in his hair. The more she cried for him the more he gave of himself and explored her body.
‘I love doing this to you.’ He whispered into her stomach on his knees and his hands on her hips. ‘I love you from this angle too.’ He nuzzled into her middle and then undid the button to her trousers and they lowered.
‘Beautiful,’ he said as she stepped out.
Jude wasted no time and quickly lowered her panties.
‘Open wide so I can see you.’ His voice was low making her wet and clenching her clit.
Eden lifted her leg slightly and Jude captured it and placed it onto his shoulder. He then let his index finger run gently over the skin of her pussy.
‘Aahaah.’ Eden took in the sensation; she pushed her hips forward to meet his hand to receive more of his touch.  Jude let his fingers play with her for a moment and then brought his mouth forward. His lips met her pussy lips and they fitted together perfectly. He kissed her and sucked her hard!
‘Aahahahaha!’ She threw back her head as she felt the skins of her clit being sucked into his mouth.  He flickered his tongue like a snake would, teasing the very sensitive parts of her.
‘Make me come like you did the last time,’ she murmured.
‘That would be my pleasure.’ He dipped his index finger into her. Her body became ridged for a moment. The sensation beyond description in words; each time Jude took her to a new level. It was never boring, only exciting and adventurous.
He played about teasingly within her but didn’t do as he’d done the last time she’d come. Eden wanted so much to experience what she had the first time he’d made her splash out but instead he played around within her.
‘Patience my dear.’ He let his lips land on her swollen lips. He licked her and tasted her as if she were a tasty desert. Her body began to build in preparation to let go; she could feel it and so could he. He dipped a ridged tongue into her and ran it up and down her slit.
‘Ah, ah, nuh aha nauahahaha!’ Eden couldn’t bear it much longer. For a brief second he looked up at her with wet lips and smiled. That did it for her. His hunger, his hands against her warm flesh made her so excited, too excited to contain herself.
Without warning he dipped two fingers into her suddenly.
‘Ahahhhhh!’ It was an unexpected shock but a shock she loved. It was then that he repeated the manoeuvre he’d done before. He brought both fingers forward towards him inside her!
‘Oh shit!’ she screamed. She grasped onto his locks as if to keep herself from falling. 
He moved his fingers with the right kind of pressure and Eden met him with equal eager.
‘That’s it baby, come for me, come for me.’ His hands moved faster, even though she couldn’t tell what he was doing to make her feel so amazing, this vulnerable…she absolutely love it. The new experience, the feeling of being ripped apart internally, a dull but good pain. A pain that wanted, needed to be pressed on over and over again. It wasn’t bad, it was good! Everything in that moment was good, her life, the man between her legs, everything!
‘That’s it, that’s it baby!’ he grunted hungrily as he watched her weaken, as she came under his spell, under his charm.
He twisted his hand as if turning on a tap and without restraint or restriction Eden let go. She was free to be and to be accepted in whatever state she was in.
‘Yes, yes yes baby, yes!’ He accepted her as she came onto him. He loved the sound of her voice as she let go, the soft scent of her wetness as she came all over him.  It only made him hunger for more of her.
‘I will never get enough of you.’ He breathed gently moving his wet fingers. The wetness had soaked his shirt.
He quickly unbuttoned a few buttons to the shirt and pulled it over him. He also quickly unbuckled his jeans and lowered his boxers. His cock stood to attention, big and strong! He wanted nothing but to enter her as deep as she would allow.
‘Lie down for me baby,’ he said softly as he helped her to the floor. ‘I want to make you happy, as long as you’re happy I’m happy.’
Eden was in a world of her own, glowing in the buzz of her orgasm and feeling the build up of another one. His voice strong and yet tender, everything about him gave her body reason to want more of him, to take him.
Jude waited at her entrance as he admired her. He smiled down at her as Eden looked up at him weak and longingly. With nothing more Jude entered her slowly. He closed his eyes to the sensation; this had been a long wait. He had held back for a long time and if he didn’t master enough self control it would be short lived. He pushed into her rotating his hips and then withdrew.
‘Don’t stop.’ She panted lightly. ‘Don’t ever stop.’
‘If only that were possible my love.’ He giggled lightly and re-entered her this time a lot faster and with more need. They breathed heavily and Eden grasped onto his tight butt and encouraged him to enter her deeper and faster.
‘I love…you…Jude!’ she breathed and felt herself build up again. ‘I love you so much.’
‘Aaaaaha,’ Jude felt himself come at the sound of her words. Everything about her made him weak all over. ‘I…love….ahahaha, you!’ He couldn’t hold back any longer and together they came holding each other as tight as they could.