Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Different Kind Of Woman (UNBREAKABLE SERIES)

This is part of a new series I've started. I'm really enjoying this story and I hope you do too. It's nice when you get out of a hard situation. You finally discover who you really are!

What happens when your life hits rock bottom? Can you get back up again?

Annabella is no ordinary woman, and finding Jackson had been a blessing. It had taken awhile to find the one. Jackson was it, or so she thought. He accepted her for who she was. He didn’t care about her weight. In fact, Jackson loved her round hips and bum. His favourite feature had always been her legs. Annabella had a great pair of shapely legs. He loved her in every way possible, and when she’d had their son, it was the happiest time of their lives.

But soon Annabella is faced with the biggest change of her life on her wedding day. From that day forth, her life is changed forever. What she once thought was, might no longer be. Annabella rediscovers who she is. She finds herself again, after realising she’d been lost all along. 


Annabella woke up with a splitting headache. She couldn’t remember the events of yesterday after the fourth glass of vodka. She looked around, Lewis had obviously gone home. It made sense for him to do so. What about Tommy? She rolled out of bed and crawled across the floor to retrieve her mobile phone. There were eleven missed calls and two messages. She dialled her messages. 

Hey sis, you okay? Just to let you know I’m keeping Tommy over with us today, I will drop him off tomorrow afternoon, after dinner. Love you.

The second message was from her mother. There was nothing from Jackson. Her stomach knotted again, the fear gripped her. Had he left her for another woman? There had been no sign that he’d been seeing someone, or had she been so busy with her business to even notice anything. Annabella ran her own advertising agency, so far it had done well, but they had had a few bad times. It still hadn’t fully recovered, but with Jacksons great salary the family had been able to stay afloat. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to go back and face work, but that wasn’t to happen for another two weeks.

She gazed at her phone, her head feeling as though it would split in half. She could almost hear Lewis telling her not to call him, but how could she not. They were supposed to be married, and away on honeymoon. The honeymoon! That package had been wasted! She burst into tears again and lay on the carpet howling with pain.

‘Why, why did you do this to me?’ She cried. ‘Why. Where are you?’ It was so painful to even think about it, but it was unavoidable.



  1. First off, I absolutely loved this book. I just discovered this on Amazon and started to read it and couldn't put it down. Very beautiful! Secondly, I'm unfortunately very impatient. LOL! The ending left me wanting more. When will the second installment be out? Great job!

    1. Hi, thanks for your message. I'm glad you enjoy it. The second part is available now on Amazon :-). Hope you enjoy!

    2. Just so you're aware, the cover has changed, the title is Not just yet. Still the unbreakable series.