Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Novella on Amazon

I've just published a new novella titled 'Deadly Sins'. This is a Melisa and Roy series a follow on from The Whitby Ghost. 

Deadly Sins is available on Amazon and from March the 1st it will go free on Kindle Select for 5 days.

Amazon US
Amazon UK
It is an exciting time for Melisa. She is pregnant and she is getting married. But there is a dark cloud that hangs over her life. Melisa is hounded by dreams again, this time actual murders. Melisa experiences each one as it happens.

The man in the black coat has also made himself a persistent feature in her life again. Melisa has become a threat to him. So he does everything in his power to destroy her.

Melisa pairs up with Detective Silverwood to solve the murders. With her dreams she helps guide him towards the killer. But what Melisa doesn't realise is that she is in danger. Her life and child are under threat too.

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