Monday, 4 June 2012

Half way through the year

I can't believe it's already June, it feels like yesterday we were celebrating  Christmas. It will be almost one year since I started this blog. How time has flown by and how much I've learnt and still learning being an erotic writer.

A year and a half ago I hadn't even imagined writing erotica, it wasn't even a genre I read. But then when I did a writing course, our tutor at the time was an erotic writer. I decided to see what she'd written and I found it pretty interesting. I was hooked! It was then I began to devour more erotica, one of my favourite books Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller also got my attention. Apparently it had been banned in the United States for having obscene contents. Ha! If only they saw erotica today and how people are expressing themselves across the internet. It is a lovely time to be writing erotica, look at the likes of 50 shades of Grey, it's everywhere including supermarkets.  I'm digressing which is like me but it is just fun to be part of this world of erotica. Anyway I loved reading it and thought that I would try writing it.

I had been writing for years, some of my work even published for radio, not erotica- in case you're wondering. No I wrote just interesting stories. But adding erotica to my work spiced up the stories even more. Not only was this new, it was something I loved to write, I love to explore and experiment with my characters.  With new things you often wonder if you'll last or not, but I must say, there is no stopping me now.

I have so many stories I want to tell. So many ideas that pop into my head while I'm writing a different story. It's something I will keep doing until the day I die or something along those lines.

Erotica is freeing, it allows you to explore things you might not do in real life. You can play about with your characters, they can try new sex positions. The sky is the limit when it comes to fantasy. For this reason I thoroughly enjoy erotica.

So this is to one year and many more to come. :-)

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