Sunday, 7 April 2013

Finding Love again

Robyn and Ethan are soul mates; they’ve been together since university. They promised each other that they would always be there for each other until Robyn is involved in an accident that leaves her blind, changing the status quo. Strain is put on the relationship to the point Ethan can no longer bear it and exists with another woman on his arm.  Robyn is left alone and devastated not wanting to live anymore. But a dog named Pepsi changes all that, she becomes her eyes and soon Robyn is bold enough to venture out into the world again. A world that is totally different to what she knows.
One day Robyn walks into a coffee shop and her life is changed forever. Carl, tall and handsome behaviour analyst is swept away by her beauty and vulnerability. His appearance in her life changes the way she views her loss of sight and she begins to face her life and make changes for good. Robyn discovers that loosing her sight wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.


‘Hello?’ A male voice came from her left side.
‘Are you talking to me?’
Pepsi woofed slightly and the gentleman laughed.
‘Yes, I am. You seem so…so happy so free,’ he said.
‘I do?’ She had to admit she felt it.
‘Yes, yes you do. I’m not sure when was the last time I saw someone look so happy, so content. We all seem pretty rushed now a days.’ His voice was deep but gentle, Robyn tired to visualise what he looked like. Was he tall, was he short? What colour were his eyes? Did he have a moustache or a beard, was he fat or was he thin? Just then she giggled.
‘Share,’ he said.
‘Oh it’s nothing,’ she smiled.
‘It’s obviously something because you seem to be laughing.’
‘Well…’ she hesitated and took her time to savour the moment. It had been a long while since having a conversation like this with someone. ‘I was just trying to imagine what you look like. You see….I have this crazy thing going on in my head. I imagine what places look like, how people look by the sounds of their voices.’ She dropped her head shyly, what was she doing, taking to a faceless stranger.
‘That sounds kind of interesting. Do you mind if I join you?’
‘Urm… no…sure you’re welcome to join me.’
‘Thanks.’ The gentleman shifted and moved over to her table and at that moment a waitress brought Robyn’s coffee.
‘So indulge me.’ he said. ‘Why don’t you tell me what you think I look like?’
‘Urmm…’ Robyn pursed her lips. ‘That’s going to be pretty hard.’
‘Well I can start and then you do the same for me.’
‘Well that’s not really fair is it, you can see me.’
‘I can, but can I really see you?’
‘Okay…I’m listening.’ Now he’d got her really interested. ‘What do you see?’
‘A very very beautiful woman.’ He started and Robyn blushed. ‘She has lovely long black hair, a cute button nose, lovely brown eyes and even though she can’t see with those eyes, she can really see. She looks like she’s been through a lot but right now she’s finally accepting what is and so she’s comfortable. She loves how her life is turning out, it’s the beginning but she’s beginning to master control. This is the first time she’s been out to a coffee shop on her own and she likes the how am I doing?’
‘Wow…have you been stalking me? Have we perhaps met?’ she laughed.
‘No, I’m a physiologist; I study human behaviour and can usually tell a lot by what you do rather than what you say. Most of what we say is unspoken and more through our body language. You chose to sit right at the back hoping it was secluded because you weren’t quite confident about it but then you discovered it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be and began to listen out for sounds around you.’
‘So you’ve been watching me.’
‘Guilty… but how could I not, you’re beautiful.’
‘Oh c’mon.’ she laughed.
‘Don’t be afraid to accept a compliment. You are very beautiful.’
Robyn pursed her lips together and then a smile appeared on her face. ‘Thank you…someone used to say that to me a long time ago.’ She thought briefly about Ethan.

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