Saturday, 22 June 2013

New release coming soon

I've finally finished my new release Fighting For Her. It's taking me longer than normal but I'm glad I spent time on it. It has taken a different turn than I'd expected. At first I thought it was girl meets vampire girl but then as I continued to write the story I discovered there was more to the girl who meets vampire girl. That there was a reason why she was so important to the vampire world.

In the beginning everything feels innocent but at the end you will learn that the girl is more than just a girl. She's been waited for for centuries. Yes, it may sound like a bit of gibberish right now but I promise you this book is different, and not to forget a lot of girl on girl sex!!! How could I ever miss that out.

So a bit of revision is needed but fear not, Fighting For Her will soon be out and I'm looking forward to writing the second series!!

Bye for now


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