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In His Power (Beyond Darkness series)

In His Power is something a little different I guess. I've always wondered about people who do bad things, I'd love to believe that at some point in their lives there is a light inside them. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but it's good to have hope, and I guess this is why I write. To bring hope even in the mist of evil and darkness. Deep down somewhere I have to believe there is light in everyone!  Hope you enjoy this series,  I honestly don't know where its  going!

When something happens at one of Victor’s theme parks, a side business he has as a cover up, he meets a woman who might change his life forever. But not before he can change hers. A life changing event shatters her world, and loosing faith in the police, she accepts Victor’s help, with his not so ethical ways.  It might take a bad man to take down bad people. Will that make Victor a good man or just a man who has finally found love. There is light and darkness in all, but which one will he become? Will the light of love make him into the man he supposed to be? Only time will tell!


‘Come here you dirty bitch!’ Von chased Nadine through the massive house.
Nadine giggled as she tried to escape from his embrace.  They’d climbed the stairs and ran through the long passage towards the main bedroom, and he finally caught her.
‘I love it when you talk dirty.’ She laughed. ‘It gets me all horny.’
‘I love calling you dirty names, whore.’
‘I like it a lot.’ She slid out of his strong arms, and ran towards the master bedroom.
‘Do you really want to do it in here?’ he asked a little uncertain.
‘What are you scared of?’ She teased.
‘I think you know.’
‘Oh he won’t know. The staff will clear the sheets and put new ones. He won’t notice the difference.’
‘Hmmm. I don’t know. You and I both know what he’s like. And I’m still uncertain your staff won’t tell him.’
‘Oh come on. He’s not here. Don’t be a chicken. The staff on duty have received extra money from me. They won’t say a word!’ She stepped towards him, and brushed her lips against the gorgeous blond. ‘He’s out of the country, probably chopping someone’s head off.’
‘That’s not funny.’ He pulled back.
‘Christ! Von, you fear him, don’t you?’
‘I don’t! I just don’t want to get on the wrong side of him.’
‘Oh, you did that the moment you slept with me.’ She kissed him again. ‘Loosen up. Let’s just have our fun, and it will all be forgotten.’
He kissed her back. It was hard not to. After all she was the perfect ten to him. She had delicious golden locks, beautiful green eyes and a body that belonged on the catwalk. She was just the way he liked his women, wispy and beautiful.
‘Come on,’ she whispered against him. ‘Let’s be naughty. You can call me all the dirty names in the book.’ She winked.
His erection stiffened, and he trailed behind her into the master bedroom. She kicked off the black heels and fell into the luxurious bed. He crawled over her and laughed. She was so beautiful, he couldn’t believe his luck. He watched her a moment.
‘Don’t tell me you’re going all soft on me.’
‘No erm…’ He was.
‘No of course not.’
‘I’m still married to Victor, so don’t go all soft on me, telling me you love me and all that rubbish.’
‘How can I love a whore?’
A smile appeared across her face. That was the man she was attracted to.
‘That’s what I like to hear. Say it again.’
‘You dirty fucking whore,’ he said with more emphasis.
‘Rip my dress off,’ she said.
For a moment he looked bemused.
‘Go on, rip it apart. I’ll just buy a new one.’ She tempted him.
He watched her, his thickness about to explode. He wanted nothing more than to plant himself in her and fuck the living daylights out of her.  
‘Rip the fucking dress off!’
‘You want me to rip it off?’
‘Yes dam it!’ She panted.
With little thought he took the collar of the ruby dress and pulled it apart. The buttons flew in opposite directions, flying onto the bed and onto the floor. The action excited them both! He grasped her ample bust and squeezed hard. She let out a whimper.
‘Do you like that, bitch?’
‘I love it, harder, do it harder!’
He took her nipple beneath the silk fabric and squeezed hard.  
‘Oh god yes!’ Her head pushed back into the bed.
She scrunched the silk linen, and enjoyed the rough sensual touches from Von.
‘You like that, you want more, bitch.’
She shrilled at the word! Yes she wanted more, more than Victor could ever give her.
The black Jeep parked in the front driveway. Victor took a moment to give Bradley a ring. He answered on first ring.
‘Is everything in order?’ he asked.
‘Yes, everything is good to go.’
‘Perfect. I guess it’s time I dealt with Von and my wife once and for all.’
‘I guess so.’
He sighed. He knew what had been going on for a while, but had waited. But now it was time for him to put an end to it all.
The driver walked around to the back of the car and opened the door.
‘Sir,’ he said.
Victor stepped out. ‘Make sure you get ready to transport my wife to the airport.’
‘Yes sir.’
‘I want her to go very far away, so I can think. Otherwise, who knows what might happen.’
The man nodded. Victor took his time to walk into his home. The door opened for him and he stepped in without a care in the world. He looked up the stairs and noticed the bits of clothing scattered on them. He didn’t bat an eyelid. Instead he climbed the stairs.
Their noises were heated. It was certain that Nadine was having the time of her life. Victor pushed the door opened and gazed at the couple fucking!
‘Am I interrupting something?’
‘Shit!’ He flew off her as if she had something contagious. ‘Victor. Shit! I can explain.’
Victor didn’t move, nor was there any expression on his face.
‘Oh god!’ Nadine tried to cover up.
‘There’s no need to cover up love, I know what you look like naked.’ Victor fiddled in his pocket and brought out a cigarette.
He lit up while Von tried to find an escape route. Took a puff, lifted his head and blew a ring of smoke.
‘I suggest you make your way home, Von. Make sure you pick your clothes on the way out.’
Von watched the man suspiciously, and noticed the blood stains on the white shirt. He’d known Victor long enough to know what he was capable of.
‘I’m sorry,’ he said.
‘Don’t be. She’s a whore.’
Victor didn’t look at his wife instead he took another puff of the cigarette.
‘It will never happen again,’ said Von.
‘Now where have I heard those words before? Honestly. That’s what everyone says. They’ll never do it again. If I could get a pound each time I hear that, I’d be richer than I am now.’ He watched Von squirm. ‘What bugs me is, you say you’ll never do it again. Then why the fuck, do it in the first place?’
‘I know, it was wrong but –’  
‘But nothing, get out of my house!’
‘Yes.’ Von ran naked past him, and tried to pick up his clothes along the way.
‘What are you going to do to him?’ she asked.
‘That doesn’t concern you.’
‘You will kill him, won’t you? Don’t you have enough blood on your hands?!’
He stepped forward and took her by the chin. ‘Don’t you ever question me!’ He pushed her back onto the bed.
‘You can’t kill him. I won’t let you.’
‘Won’t let me?’ He laughed. ‘Please, Nadine.’
‘I know everything about you. I have so much dirt on you; you’ll be in jail in a minute.’
‘Do you realise how many police I have under my payroll. Do you? Your threats don’t scare me. Now get dressed, you’re going to the airport.’
‘I want you out of my house and out of sight.’
‘I don’t want to go.’
‘You don’t have a choice. If you want Von to still be breathing after he gets home, then I suggest you get on the plane.’
‘What did you do?’
‘I won’t do anything just yet. But if you don’t play nice, things could go very wrong.’
She shifted off the bed.
‘I’ll have one of the staff pack your clothes. The jet will take you to a nice Greek Island. I want you to stay there. You’ll have enough money to keep you happy for a long time. Cross me, and I’ll have you killed. Actually strike that. Cross me and I’ll kill you myself.’ He was about to step out. ‘And oh, don’t try anything stupid. I have ordered my men to kill, if you do.’ He winked.
She pushed back her lips and took it all in. This was the man she’d married. She knew what she was getting into, and she’d messed with him. Now she had to pay for her actions.  
‘Oh and by the way. This marriage is over.’ He turned and left her to get herself sorted.
Shock had hit her like a cold fish across the face. She’d been a fool to think she could get away with it. What had she been thinking? But she didn’t want to be made a prisoner in some foreign country. Nadine had to think of something, and she had to think fast.
‘I’ll go for now, but I will bring you down Victor Adamovich. I will.’ She promised under her breath.
Victor made another call to Bradley.
‘He’s on his way. She’ll leave for Greece today. Don’t kill him yet. Just shake him up a little. I might need him later.’
‘Yes sir.’
The line went dead. 

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