Monday, 13 April 2015

SOLD (Beyond Darkness book 4)

So after quite a few requests I've decided to continue the London and Victor series. Quite a few people have asked and I hear you. So here it is. I don't know where it's going but I'm working on it and on another series at the same time. Hope you enjoy. It will be available at all bookstores.

Victor has put away his guns and violent ways for tiaras and princess parties. Little does he know that he’ll soon be back to his old ways?

Sixteen year old Abbey Jenkins has gone missing and the police are no where near to solving the mystery of her disappearance. So out of sheer desperation, Gates sends Abbey’s parents to the one man who might be able to bring their daughter back.

It takes convincing. After all, he’s a family man now. But London knows the pain of losing a child to kidnap and so persuades him to do it one last time. What happens when Victor comes back? All hell breaks lose, that’s what!


Chapter One
‘Which colour daddy?’ Paige held out a tray of lipsticks to her stepfather.
Victor studied the array of colours and then pointed at the deep red.
‘I think the red,’ he said. ‘Do you think red looks good on me?’
The little girl laughed and nodded. She picked out the red lipstick, pulled off the top and coloured his lips red. Victor waited patiently while she made sure the lipstick was perfect on his lips.
‘There,’ she said as she stood back.
‘How do I look?’ he asked.
‘Pretty,’ she giggled. ‘Now I have to put some eye shadow.’ She picked up the pallet of shadows and got to work. ‘Close your eyes.’
Victor shut his eyes, and she dusted them with pink eye shadow. Next it was blusher, and then a bit of mascara.
‘I think you’re almost perfect.’ She giggled.
‘Yes. A princess can’t attend a tea part without her jewels and crown.’ She turned to her toy box and pulled out a necklace and a tiara.
‘I see.’ He laughed.
‘There.’ Paige put the necklace around his neck and placed the tiara on his head. ‘Now you’re perfect.’ She was in a fit of laughter.
‘Tada!’ he said.
‘You want to see?’
‘Oh yes please!’
Paige picked up the mirror from the side and lifted it so he could see himself.
‘Oh don’t I look fabulous!’ he said.
Paige giggled. ‘We must go to tea now?’
‘Oh?’ he said.
‘Yes. I’ll just get myself ready and then we’re done.’
Victor sat back and watched the little girl play. It was peaceful. He slept at night and there was nothing more fulfilling than to have her back with her mother.
‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ London came screaming into the living-room, but was stopped in her tracks. ‘What on earth?’ She burst out laughing.
‘I’m a princess and you shall not make fun of me,’ he said.
‘You look…’ She tried to find the words. ‘Great!’ She rushed over to him and collapsed into his lap.
‘Do you want to attend our tea party mummy?’
‘Not right now honey, I’ve got great news!’ She beamed.
‘You do?’ he asked.
He waited.
‘I’m pregnant!’
Victor took her into a hug. He’d waited so long to hear those words.
‘Oh god!’ he said. ‘I’m going to be a daddy again!’ He laughed. He couldn’t believe that he’d soon have a child of his own. It had never occurred to him that it would make him this happy. But having Paige a part of his life had brought so much joy. He couldn’t imagine a life without her.
‘I’m going to have a little sister?’ she asked.
‘A sister or a brother. We don’t know yet.’
Paige jumped up and down. ‘I’m having a sister, I’m having a sister!’
‘We don’t know yet honey,’ said London.
‘I know. I know it’s a sister!’
‘You do, do you?’ asked London.
‘Yes I do.’
Victor took London into another hug and snuggled into her. He took in her scent and kept her close. Just then the doorbell went.
‘Expecting anyone?’ he asked.
‘Nope. You?’
They hadn’t had visitors for a while, except for Portia. The housekeeper attended to the door while the family continued with their lives.
‘Mister Adamovich, a Mister and Mrs Jenkins to see you,’ said the housekeeper.
‘Who?’ he asked.
‘They said that detective Gates sent them.’
Victor gazed at London, she shrugged.
‘Why would he do that?’ he asked London.
‘I don’t know.’
‘What’s he up to?’
‘Honey I don’t know, but I think you should find out.’
‘Send them through,’ he told the housekeeper.
The woman nodded and disappeared for a moment.
‘Would you like a facial wipe?’ she asked a little amused.
‘No, this is my time with Paige. I don’t know why they’re here.’
She nodded.
‘I guess they’ll just have to accept an ugly looking princess.’ He laughed.
‘You’re far from ugly.’ She laughed.
The couple entered looking like they hadn’t slept in days.
‘Mister Adamovich, Mister and Mrs Jenkins.’
‘Stella, could you take Paige please.’
The housekeeper nodded. The woman held out her hand and encouraged Paige to leave with her.
‘But I’m not finished playing with Daddy.’
‘I know honey. I promise we’ll finish as soon as I’m done speaking with our guests.’
Paige stood stubbornly, but after some coaxing and a promise of chocolate ice-cream, the little girl left them.
‘Please have a seat,’ said London.
London took a seat beside Victor.
‘We’re sorry to barge in on you like this,’ said Mrs Jenkins. ‘We can see you’re busy.’ She noticed Victor’s tiara.
‘Yes it’s unexpected. This is a private address. I’m not sure why detective Gates gave it to you.’ Victor felt a little annoyed.
‘We understand,’ said Mister Jenkins. ‘We just need your help. The police aren’t getting anywhere on the case and we’re afraid…’ He lowered his head.
London looked at Victor, he was as clueless as she was.
‘It’s our daughter,’ said Mrs Jenkins. ‘She’s been kidnapped.’ 

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