Thursday, 14 December 2017

Sweet Surrender (Abandon hearts series book 3)

The final to the Abandon Hearts series is now available. It's available on all outlets.

What happens to Skylar now? The man she thought she would love for the rest of her life has disappeared. Has he done all those things he’s been accused of? What about her unborn son? What will she tell him about his father? Skylar doesn’t want to believe her husband is a killer, but when a body is found, more things begin to unfold and there’s a lot more to Noah than she cares to know about.

It’s a long road ahead, and after the news of the murders comes out, Skylar loses her job. Her life is ruined by a man who had never been honest from the beginning, and she begins to question herself and everything she’s believed in. What happens now? Is this the end of her life too? Skylar has to discover just how strong she is. 

Hope you enjoy!

- Iris

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