Thursday, 1 December 2011

Interview with Jack, Aiden and Victoria

I've decided to do a short interview with my characters from the second series of A New Breed (The Birth) just to give an idea what to expect in this one. As I've mentioned or hope that I've mentioned, I really enjoyed writing this novella and I'm planning the third one.  Anyway here it goes.

Iris: Thanks guys for coming today.

Jack: Thanks for having us.
(Aiden and Victoria smile and nod)

Iris: Now that we've got to the second series what can we expect from it Jack?

Jack: Well to be honest (He smiles) This has been a really good time for Aiden and I. There have been a few hiccups but we seem to be getting there.

Iris: What do you mean?

Jack: Well...Aiden's gift for starters.  I was a bit surprised to find out that he was a witch but I'm really beginning to love his gift. He's using it a lot and I've also revealed a lot to him.

Iris: How has this been for you Victoria?

Victoria: It's been a shock really. I'm pregnant with Jack's child. It was all a bit overwhelming. But I'm happy to be a Mother. I'm experiencing a lot of things I never expected. Dreaming a lot. My child is a special child but I'm not so sure how special yet.

Iris: How about  your relationship with Aiden?

Victoria: With Aiden?  Well...(She glances over at him)

Iris: Yes with Aiden how is it between you.

Victoria: Hmmm...

Aiden: I'll answer that if that's alright.

Victoria nods

Aiden: We're working through it. But we are still together. (He takes her hand) I promised I would stand by her and I will. This is a crucial time for us with the baby on the way.

Iris: Is there anything we can expect that will shock us in this series?

Jack: Yes, I think there is a lot this time around that will shock you. We've discovered a whole lot more about ourselves. And there is David to fight.

Iris: What can we expect from him?

Aiden: A lot. Expect him to destroy no matter what the cost or price. He has made  few bad friends that want the child as much as he does.

Iris: I won't ask too much just in case you spill the beans.

Aiden: Good idea, I think you'll find this series better than the first. We hope.

Iris: With out taking too much of your time. What three words would you use to summarise this series.

Aiden nods at Jack

Jack: Powerful, surprising and magical.

Iris: Wow, thanks guys for sparing these few minutes with me.

Jack: Thanks for having us.

So there you have it. Look out for Jack Aiden and Victoria in the new series A New Breed (The Birth)

Thanks for stopping by.

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