Saturday, 26 November 2011

What's happening Now?

Besides being excited about Christmas, I'm writing the second Melisa and Roy series. It's called Deadly Sins. Melisa and Roy are about to get married. They have a pleasant surprise and want to speed up the wedding. But now that Melisa has become sensitive and can see the dead, more and more things are beginning to happen to her. She keeps dreaming about murders and tries to help the police solve the crimes.

How is it going to end? I have no clue myself. I 'll just go with the flow. I've toyed with so many endings that I'm not sure which one will be the best. I'm really enjoying this book. I love to write paranormal with a mix of erotica. It's a freeing and exciting experience that I wouldn't trade it.

Besides writing, I'll be getting the Christmas tree out of the shed as well as the decorations. I always put them up on the first of December. On Friday I broke the rules and played my first Christmas song. It was after all four weeks to Christmas. I'm worse than my daughter when it comes to Christmas. I guess I love the buzz of it all. The presents, the decorations, the friends and family and not to forget my daughters nativity play. Exciting!

I hope everyone has a great week and the great first of December.

Until next time!

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