Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Trouble with love is...

Sydney and Phoebe are having relationship trouble. Things had been great for years up until Ryan Scott arrived on the scene.

Ryan is Sydney’s new boss. He’s been called in to shake things up at their magazine in the Leeds office.  Sydney had been weary about having a new boss. She hadn’t had a promotion in years and she felt that the new boss would be a set back to her progress.  But Ryan is different and has a different agenda for Sydney.

At first Sydney finds him hard to read. He seems so serious and uptight. But as time goes by and she spends more time by his side; Sydney begins to feel things for him she’d buried and tried to forget a long time ago.

No matter how hard she tries to shake him from her mind she can’t and Ryan doesn’t let her either.  She has to explore what she’s feeling and honour her feelings. But this comes at the price of loosing her long term relationship.

What Sydney doesn’t know is that Ryan has a secret. Will she throw away everything only to discover things weren’t the way they seemed on the surface?

It’s a journey only Sydney can take a journey that reminds her of her mother and the dreams she once had but had put to one side for her partner Phoebe. In the end Sydney has to decide what the best course of action will be for her life.

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