Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Look In His Eyes

It wasn’t sympathy or disgust, it was acceptance. It was something Jasmine hadn’t experienced with a man. Not only had Jasmine spent years struggling with her weight she has a disorder no one understands.
At seventeen a teenage girl does the most horrible thing a teenager could do to another. From that moment forth Jasmine struggled with the terrible disorder that has always rubbed those who don’t understand the wrong way
After two disastrous dates, Jasmine vows never to go on a date again, even if it means being single for the rest of her life. But one morning after she drops by a coffee shop she meets Zack.
Zack is tall, handsome and an extremely successful architect dealing with some issues of his own. Zack seems to understand her completely and perhaps he understands her more than she understands herself. And so their unlikely journey begins. Zack becomes the key she needs to finally break free, fall in love and possibly feel normal again. 


He lifted her hand to his chest and looked into her eyes. That said it all and without much thought Jasmine pulled the keys from her bag and put them into the keyhole. She shut her eyes knowing very well that the minute she stepped into the house she would have to turn the key back and forth to make sure it was locked. Did she really want him to see that part of her?
The door unlocked and she stepped in and Zack stepped in behind her. She pushed the door closed, placed the latch on and put the key into the keyhole. She leaned against the door in darkness and turned the key once but couldn’t resist the urge to turn it back and forth. She scrunched her eyes closed with her other hand against the door and began to turn the key back and forth. She felt him move closer and his hand touched hers and together they were turning the key back and forth. His lips gently touched her neck, his hand not moving from hers. She gasped at the feeling, the soft touch of his lips and slowly and surely the turning back and forth of the key stopped.
Jasmine reached for the light to the left of the door and again the urge to switch it off and on overwhelmed her. But that didn’t stop him, instead he kept his hand over her hand and as she switched the light off and on, his hand simply followed her lead. Jasmine shut her eyes and let his tender lips explore her outer neck. It sent shivers down her spine that exploded between her legs. She’d never felt this way with anyone and although it was a new feeling it was the best feeling in the world.
‘I…’ she stopped flicking the light and turned towards him.
‘Ssssh, its okay,’ he whispered and cupped her chin in his hand. ‘It’s okay.’

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This is the first in the Jasmine and Zack Series!

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  1. Oh goodness! I said I would not become attached, or beg for the next installment, but I lied. I am literally shaking for part two. This story is absolutely fantastic. I cannot wait to read more!

  2. Hi Courtney thanks for your comment. I'm happy you liked this story. I'm in the process of writing the next part :). I will announce it as soon as it's out.

  3. i really enjoyed the look in his eyes, but was disappointed that it ended, when will part 2 be released

  4. Hi Venetia, the second part will be out first or second week of May. My mind goes blank sometimes when I'm writing and that's why I end it. Most of the time I don't even know how the rest of the story will unfold. When I start over as if I'm starting a new book but continuing the series, I suddenly get new ideas. Maybe it's just the way my mind works. Hope you understand and thank you for your support :)

  5. New reader here. What a painfully sweet story. Can you arrange for Kimberley to dissapear in a jungle or float off on a broken off glacier? Looking forward to the next installment.

  6. hahaha! @bfbatma a bit late now to send her off somewhere I'm afraid :). The next part is finished! Thanks for your support!