Saturday, 3 May 2014

Secrets & Lies (Jasmine & Zack)

The second part to Jasmine & Zack series is now out!! I'm really excited about telling this story. It's important to me and I hope that even though it's a story, that people may see that a person with a mental illness can't snap out of it and that it's as real as diabetes or high blood pressure. Love, compassion and understanding is all that is needed and I hope Zack teaches that in this story!

What if the key to healing ones life is to look into the eyes of another? Like attracts like.  Zack’s love and attraction to Jasmine is deeper than he understands. There is no perfect universe but there is a perfect person for him.

His secret has been dug deep within him that even he believed it no longer existed. But with a past ready to be dug up that has long been buried, perhaps its Zack’s turn to be vulnerable. Perhaps running, working hard isn’t the answer to being in the light.

‘We all have lives we wished we never had, but be thankful for yours; it’s always better than someone else’s.’ Zack wasn’t lying when he said that! A deep dark secret is about to be brought to light and his world will be turned upside down!

Will Jasmine survive this news, will he? One cannot choose their parents but can choose a different path for themselves; this is what Zack has done for years. But is Zack really able to run away from a very dark past that will eventually come to light? 


‘Hey!’ Zack pushed the man aside.
‘Who the hell are you and what do you think you’re doing?’ Clive looked up at the tall hunk furiously.
‘I can have employment lawyers all over you so fast you’ll be collecting unemployment benefit after they’re done with you!’ said Zack.
Clive huffed and stood back a moment.
‘Jasmine suffers from a disorder, she’s off to the doctors today and if it so happens that you or anyone else treat this as if she’s doing it on purpose you will all stand before an employment tribunal.’
‘I… well she…’
‘Jasmine needs help not anger and threats. Would you do this to someone who was in a wheelchair? Would you shout at them and tell them to stand up and walk!’ He was furious.
‘No of course not.’
‘This isn’t any different. Be very careful,’ he said then pushed aside the short man and stepped into the restroom.
‘Honey,’ his voice was soft.

Jasmine reached for the soap and began to lather again. Zack stepped forward and soon he was standing right behind her. He placed his hands over hers and helped her lather her hands. Her shoulders relaxed as he directed them under the water and together they washed their hands. He didn’t speak, he didn’t ask her to stop. Instead he allowed her to show him what she wanted and after one more wash Jasmine stopped. She turned around and fell into his manly chest and burst into tears.
‘It’s okay, you’re okay.’ He gently rubbed his hand over her head. ‘You’re okay.’
Gwen felt a tingle of admiration for the handsome hunk who had just changed the way she viewed Jasmine. The way he’d accepted her and just allowed her to be had managed to calm her down. She was in awe of him. He pulled some paper towel from the left of them and began to dry her hands. The inside of her hands were red from all the scrubbing and the scalding water.
‘You’ll be fine.’ He kept her in his warm embrace.
It took them a while but soon he managed to lead Jasmine out of the restroom and out into her office. There were eyes on them and all the drama that had unfolded between Clive and Zack had become the new office headline. In a way their attitudes including Clive’s began to change.
‘Take as long as you like,’ said Clive as they were about to enter the room. ‘I’m – ’
‘Its fine, I’ll take it from here.’
They entered the room and Zack closed the door behind them. He led her to the chair and she sat down. 

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  1. Phew! I am so happy for this update. While reading I had my suspicions and was so happy when I was correct. Poor Zack. I cannot wait for the confrontation with Troy. Amazing part two!

  2. Hi Courtney I feel for Zack too and he also has to be an anchor to Jasmine. I'm in the middle of writing the next part and I'm just allowing it to unfold on it's own. Thanks for stopping by :).

  3. I really appreciate the opportunity to see if you can get a good idea to have a good book going for part 3. Please let me know when part 3 will be out. I just enjoy reading your books. I'm so excited about the next book.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Love & peace.

  4. Thanks Mary for your encouraging words! I'm really glad you enjoy my books. The 3rd part to this series will be out before the end of May. I'm quickly nearing the end :). I will post it on my blog as soon as it's out