Thursday, 10 July 2014

Broken (Mending Hearts) Series One

Okay, my next series... the first part is out. Whew!!! It was pretty hard to write, but I had to write it. It's one of those things that you know deep down within you, you have to tell the story  no matter what. So here it is...Life is beautiful...You can overcome anything as long as there is love!

I hope you enjoy!

Nina and Liam meet under unusual circumstances. Liam believes that everything happens for a reason, but Nina begs to differ. Life has given her some unfriendly blows. With a nightmare husband and a family across the ocean, Nina just thinks life is unfair.

But as things develop and unfold, maybe Liam is right. Life has a way of sorting itself out. Nina discovers that she has no control how her life unfolds. She can make decisions, but when it comes to the heart, that decision is made for her.

Love doesn’t and should never hurt, but it takes pain first before Nina can realise that.

This is the first part to the series, Mending Hearts. 


Liam took a seat in his chair and observed the woman who sat in front of him. Even though he’d just met her, he was drawn to her. There was something vulnerable about her. He was drawn to her energy, but he could sense the walls around her.
‘Do you want to talk about it?’ he asked.
‘Talk about what?’ She played dumb.
‘About why you slept out on the street last night.’
She was silent. She wasn’t sure she wanted to tell her story to another stranger.
‘Does he hit you?’ he asked.
Nina sat back astonished.
‘Your eyes, I can see the bruises around your eyes. You didn’t accidentally bash into the door.’
She was silent and felt super exposed. He stood up and drew closer towards her and perched on the edge of the glass desk.
‘Does he say mean and spiteful things?’ He gazed at her, but she refused to return his gaze. ‘And after all the horrible things he’s said and done, does he become caring and charming?'
Nina looked at him a moment, everything he said was true.
‘I have to go,’ she said suddenly.
Nina stood up, she wanted to get out of the office as quick as possible, things were a little too familiar.
‘Will you at least let me call you a taxi?’
She was hesitant.
‘I’ll settle the bill, don’t worry. I don’t want you walking to wherever it is,’ he said.
Nina nodded, she was certain she wouldn't be able to walk back. He picked up the phone and called a local taxi company.
‘They’ll be here in five minutes,’ he said as he put the phone down. ‘Here, take my card.’ He got up and handed her his card. ‘You can call me if you need anything at all.’
‘That’s really nice, but you don’t have to do that.’
‘Trust me, I do, you don’t have to go through it alone.’
‘Go through what?’
‘The abuse.’
She was silent.
‘Let me walk you out.’

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