Sunday, 27 July 2014

What About Tomorrow (Mending Hearts Series)

The second part to the Mending series is now out. It has taken me on a journey again, and I'm looking forward to writing the third and final part. It's an intense journey, even for me. I guess I tend to be in the minds of my characters.  I really enjoy telling their stories though, and I hope you enjoy them too. 

The journey to freedom isn't always an easy one. Nina knows what she wants, and has taken the bold steps to make that happen.  Liam on the other hand doesn't have it so easy.  He has to think about it. To walk out would mean he could loose his son. It leaves things in a complicated mess.

As Nina battles Colt, she begins to  have doubts about her relationship with Liam. What seems like a fairytale start, has now been struck with life's realities. Nina has to question what she wants. For the first time in her life, she has to put herself first. That decision could cost her their new blooming relationship. 

It's a journey worth taking. As with all things, anything worth having, must be worked hard for. But will they survive it all? 

Now available at Amazon, ARE and soon at B&N and the Apple store. 

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