Sunday, 14 December 2014

Fallen (Beautiful Series book 1)

The book that would not let me sleep! This story just wouldn't let me rest, I spent hours writing the first part. It was so exciting to write, I love, love, love it! I can't wait to get to the second part, and I don't even know where it's heading, haha! I guess when I'm inspired to write a story, I just have to get it out. 

Well here's my new series Beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

What happens when you have it all? When things come to you easily? Faith has it all, the looks, the amazing boyfriend, a successful business. She isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants, and squash a person under her foot if need be.

But then life sends a surprising blow that will change her life forever. It will force her to stop and take a look at her life. It will force her to ask what beauty is, what true love means and who her true friends are. Faith has to take a whole new look at life. 


‘I’ll make you a deal.’ He leaned against the bar so he could see her beautiful face. ‘I’ll pay you a thousand pounds to go back to my hotel room and let one of my mate’s film us.’
She turned around, stood up and slapped him across the face. ‘Asshole!’ She walked away from him.’
‘Ooooooh!’ There was a roar from his friends.
‘Two thousand!’ He shouted.
There was laughter from the table. He really wasn’t good at his game that night. He ordered around for them all and walked back to the table.
‘Losing your touch there, Logan.’ Teased Roy.
‘Nah, she’s just a stuck up bitch. Give it time, I’ll find the right one.’
Faith walked into the fancy bar and looked around. Mel hadn’t arrived yet. She checked her watch and swore under her breath. It wasn’t like Mel to be late. She headed for the bar and ordered a glass of red.
‘Now look at that!’ Logan bit back his lip. ‘That is more than a ten.’ He could feel himself go hard.
‘So go and get her.’ A friend dared him.  
He ran a hand through his hair and then walked up to the gorgeous woman at the bar.
‘Hi,’ he leaned against the bar.
‘Not interested, buzz off!’ She didn’t even turn to look at him.
‘You didn’t even give me a chance.’
‘Again. Not interested!’
The barman brought her drink.
‘I’ll get that,’ said Logan.
‘Oh no you won’t!’ She placed a ten pound note on the bar before he could pay.
‘Wow, you’re one sassy bitch!’
‘You’ve got that right, now buzz off!’
She still hadn’t looked at him, and it annoyed him that she wouldn’t give him the time of day.
‘I’ll pay you five thousand pounds to sleep with me tonight.’
She stood up and kicked him between the legs. He buckled and bowed forward.
‘Knob head!’ She walked away towards the door just as Mel stepped in. ‘We’re leaving this place. It’s full of pricks!’ She dragged her out of the door.
The barman smiled slightly. The man deserved it. His friends were in a fit of laughter as he tried to gain composure. This had never happened to him twice in a row. Most women would oblige.

Available on Amazon from Monday the 15th December 2014


  1. This was a very good read. It had a few typos but all in all still a good read. It was a breath of fresh air to read something different than what a lot of the other authors are publishing. A heads up its believable

    1. Thanks for your comment "let's get real people" I'm glad you like it :). Thanks for your support