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Revenge (Beyond Darkness) Book 3

I must say I loved writing this story. I'm sorry to see it finished, but fear not. The next story...well it's got me typing like a maniac. I just can't get enough of these tall dark haired gorgeous men haha! 

Anyway, it's been fun telling London and Victor's story. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. And I hope you do too!

Detective Gates won’t let up, but that doesn’t sway London. She’s more in love with her bad guy than she’s ever been. And Victor proves his love for her over and over. But things aren’t as simple. Victor and London want to live their lives in peace, but there are still a few people who won’t let them just yet.

Once more Victor has to be the monster who will get rid of the bad guys. And once more he proves just how great of a man he really is even if the detective won’t admit to it. To judge without the full story wasn’t a good move on the detective’s part, but he’ll soon find out just how important Victor really is, not just to London, but to him as well. 

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She walked into the penthouse half an hour later. Victor waited to meet her in a black suit, looking delicious as usual.
‘It’s so good to see you!’
He took her into his arms and held onto her tight. ‘I’m so glad to see you honey.’ He kept her in his arms for a while.
She pulled back, lifted to her toes and kissed him.
‘If I hadn’t planned this evening, I’d have you straight upstairs naked.’
She giggled. ‘We have plenty of time for that.’
‘Are you staying?’
‘I want to. Only if you want me to.’
‘Is that even a question? Of course I want you to stay.’
She leaned into him again. ‘You look and smell amazing!’
‘You look stunning too!’
There was a loud sound above the building.
‘What the hell is that?’
‘That, my dear, is our ride.’
‘Our ride?’ she asked confused.
‘Yes.’ He took her by the hand and led her to the roof where a helicopter was waiting.
‘Oh my word!’
‘Do you like it?’
‘I love it!’ She admired the black helicopter.
He helped her into the black power machine, and soon it took off into the night, flying over the city lights.
‘It’s beautiful!’
‘It is isn’t it?’ He brought her hand to his lips. ‘I love you.’
‘I love you too.’ She leaned into him and admired the surrounding beauty.
‘Where are we going?’
‘That’s a surprise.’
‘Okay.’ She was giddy like a little girl. ‘I love surprises.’
‘Good. I hope you like this one.’
‘I will.’ She looked up and their lips touched. ‘I just want to say thank you for being with me. Thank you for standing with me, and not giving up, even when I had.’
‘You didn’t give up. You were tired, depressed. It isn’t something to take lightly. I know you wanted Paige back. I’m just thankful she got to you in time.’
‘Yes, me too.’ She leaned back into him.
‘About the detective, I don’t want you to worry about him.’
‘I won’t. I don’t understand why he’s so adamant to get you.’
‘Isn’t it obvious?’ He looked out into the night.
‘Is it?’
‘He’s doing this for you.’
‘Me?’ She lifted and looked at him.
‘Yes. You. He wants to win your heart.’
She laughed. ‘Really?’
‘You don’t see it?’
‘I’ve been so occupied with Paige, and loving you, how would I?’
‘You have a point.’
‘There’s nothing to worry about. My heart belongs to you.’
‘Will it still belong to me, if you found out about the real me?’
‘I already know the real you.’
‘You know what I mean.’
‘Sweetie, I love you, and that’s it. Let’s focus on that.’
‘Okay.’ He kissed her forehead. He hoped that it would stay that way even if the detective did reveal more about him.
An hour later the helicopter landed on top of a massive yacht.
‘Oh my!’
He led her out onto the beautiful boat.
‘This is amazing!’
He led her into the yacht. The moment she stepped in, she forgot she was on a yacht.
‘This feels like a house.’
‘It’s home away from home.’
‘It’s beautiful!’
He gave her a grand tour of the yacht, and introduced her to the captain, and the other staff members onboard.
‘It’s beautiful on deck for a candle lit dinner, but it’s a bit too cold. But we can do it once the weather turns.’
‘I’d love to. I don’t mind where or what we do, as long as it’s with you!’
‘That’s what I like to hear.’ He took her into his arms again.
‘This feels amazing. Knowing that my daughter is home, and I have you. I couldn’t ask for more.’
He lifted her head and kissed her. They kissed passionately and enjoyed each other’s presence.  There was no rush to be anywhere, and they could just live their lives for that evening.
‘Come, let’s eat.’ He directed her to the area that had been designated for their dinner.
It had been decorated in red and white, lit up by candle light. Light music played in the background. The yacht moved lightly, and it felt soothing.
‘This is perfect, thank you.’
‘Thank you.’ He smiled. ‘You’ve made me see life in such a different way.’
‘I don’t think I’ve done anything.’
‘Don’t be so modest. Of course you have. For starters, you’ve loved me for me.’
‘I do.’ She beamed.
He reached across the table and took her hand and brought it to his lips. The sensation ran through her body and excited her. Each touch from him excited her more and more. A waiter brought a bottle of wine and a starter of crumbed mushrooms on a skewer.
‘You have the best life. You want for nothing,’ she said.
‘I don’t know about that.’ There was a change in his face.
‘Why’s that? Look around you. You’ve been blessed with abundance.’
‘Before you, I would’ve agreed. But now that you’re in my life, I’m not so sure.’
‘I’m not sure I understand.’
‘My life was written out for me. I had little say in it. Some people may beg to differ, but they didn’t know my father and what he was like. This was my life whether I wanted it or not. Then I met you. Fate or whatever you call it brought us together. I found purpose. I felt there was more to life than chasing people down. I felt love for the first time.’
She watched him as he spoke.
‘And now, I look at all this, and don’t even care for it. If it was taken away from me tomorrow, it would be okay, as long as you’re with me.’
‘Aww, honey that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me.’
‘It’s true. And I’m worried that if the detective does eventually find enough dirt on me. He’ll tell you, and I’ll lose you.’
‘You’ll never lose me.’
‘You can’t be so sure. I’ve done things.’
‘We’ve all done things.’
‘Not like I have. It’s too dark to even talk about.’
‘Then don’t talk about it. I’ve said this before. The you I know, is the only you I need to know.’
He nodded and smiled, but he wasn’t sure. He was certain the detective wanted to destroy him in every way possible.
‘I mean it. It won’t change how I feel about you.’
‘Okay.’ He smiled.
A main course of grilled tiger prawns, swordfish and crayfish served in a creamy bisque was served. There was also a side of salad, which London loved.
‘This is all delicious.’
‘I love watching you eat. You seem so happy.’
‘I do love my food, and now that I have nothing to worry about, it’s more so.’
The meal ended with a sticky chocolate sponge with ice-cream. Later he took her to a different part of the boat, a relaxing area with a couch and soft music. The luxury of the boat was out of this world, and London had no intention of moving. It was too comfortable to move, plus she was stuffed.
‘I could sit here all night.’
‘We can do that if you like.’
‘I’d have to go back for Paige. I don’t think mum intends to spend the night.’
‘Maybe next time then?’
They spent the evening just talking. It was deep and intimate, deeper than their physical intimacy.
‘I’d love to take you to bed right now, but I realise it won’t be possible tonight.’
‘I’m sorry honey. I want it too, but I really must get back.’
‘Of course you must. You have a very important little person waiting for you.’
‘I want you to meet her.’
His eyes widened. ‘I don’t know if that’s a good idea.’
‘Why not? You’re not planning to leave me, are you?’
‘No, of course not. I just don’t want to disrupt her life, and if the detective gets what he wants, it might be best I stay away from her.’
‘Victor.’ She looked him in the eye.
‘I want you to meet her. I believe we have a future together. Unless you don’t’
He was silent a moment, but noticed the look in her eyes.
‘Okay. Let’s set a date.’
She took him into her arms. ‘She’ll love you!’
‘I hope so.’
The ride back in the helicopter was just as thrilling as the first time. It took her breath away just watching the city lights. She didn’t want it to end, but she knew that it was just the beginning of their relationship, and there would be more surprises to come.
After they’d landed on his building, he took her through the penthouse and downstairs to the car.
‘Thank you for such a lovely evening.’ She hugged him.
‘Are you sure you don’t want me to ride with you?’
‘I’m fine. Get some rest. Call me in the morning.’
‘I will.’ He kissed her, and then helped her into the car.
The car pulled away and he walked back into the building, feeling more in love than he’d felt before. 

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