Friday, 15 May 2015

Truth (Owned book 3)

Valentin is in trouble and with the new detective on the case, more so. Detective Miller doesn’t like Valentin and there is a reason. The detective wants Valentin behind bars once and for all, but Susie won’t let it happen.

Susie believes in Valentin’s innocence, even if everyone else doubts him. She knows him. They think alike, so she understands him. But things don’t get any easier once Valentin’s property is searched. It gets harder and harder to prove his innocence. The real question is. Is he innocent? If so, who killed Valentin’s wife, and what happened to Haley? All will be revealed in the end. As always, love finds a way regardless of outcome!


She wanted to keep talking about it, but could tell that he didn’t.
‘What would you like to eat?’ he asked.
‘I’m not sure.’
‘I know what I’d like to eat.’
‘What?’ She kept her gaze on the menu.
‘You,’ he said.
She raised her eyes and met his.
‘Outside in the alley just like the first time.’
‘Valentin,’ she said shyly.
‘I’m serious.’
She laughed. He was serious.
‘How about in five minutes after we’ve given our order? I’ll leave first and you follow.
‘I don’t know.’
‘This isn’t a choice.’ He winked.
She felt her middle clench just at the sound of his voice. It was naughty and dirty. It was exactly what she wanted to do.
They looked through the menu and placed the order. Five minutes later, he stood up and left. A few minutes after him she left too. He was right where they’d met the first time. The moment she reached him, he took her and pushed her up against the wall.
‘Oh god!’ she let out.
He wrapped his hand around her neck and pressed his lips against hers. That took her breath away. His free hand crawled up her dress until it reached her panties. With one movement he swirled her around so that her face was up against the cold wall.
‘Do you remember that night?’ he whispered into her ear.
‘Yes,’ she panted.
‘Do you remember what you said?’
‘I’ve never done this before,’ she let out.
‘That turned me on so much. It turns me on right now.’ He grasped her bum hard and pushed into her. ‘Say it again. Tell me what you said on that night again.’
‘I’ve never done this before.’
He pulled down her panties and left them halfway. He pulled off his tie, lifted her hands above her head and wrapped the tie around her wrists. Susie was weak. That evening repeated all over again, and it brought with it the heightened lust. Without delay he planted deep into her. She let out a loud moan, he covered her mouth to keep them from being found out. He pounded in and out hard! She was locked up against the wall. He was deep within her just like he had been before, and she loved every minute of it. 

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