Friday, 22 May 2015

MONSTER (Into Darkness book 1)

Gorgeous, sexy, hot! Is that all it takes? Does hot and sexy mean nice too? What happens when you give up everything for the man you love and adore?
Debra gave up law school to support the love of her life, Gavin. Gavin and his partner Julian started a law firm, and became extremely successful. But instead of thanks and love, Debra finds out she gave it all up for a monster. And she can’t get away. He would hunt her down and kill her if she ever tried to get away. No one would believe a word she said, even with the bruises to show.
Debra is trapped in a pretentious perfect life. She smiles at the right time, she’s the perfect wife, friend and dinner host. Debra bends over backwards for everyone but herself.

 But things change when she hosts another one of their dinner parties. Debra steps into darkness, and she might never get out again.

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