Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Convict (Inmate) Vol I

What happens when you find yourself falling for a convicted serial killer? That’s what happens to Doctor Regina Lawrence. Regina is hired by the police department to help them get convicted serial killer, Trevor Stackhouse, to tell them where he’s hidden some of the bodies.
As she gets to know this charming man, she begins to question her sanity. Trevor is one step ahead of her and he cleverly makes her a deal. She gets to keep her famous reputation in exchange for giving him her time.

Even though he’s given her a choice, the truth is, she had no choice. Regina finds herself caught up in a difficult situation, and there is no getting out. Now she has to deal with Trevor whether she likes it or not.

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‘Deal?’ he smiled against her lips.
‘Deal.’ She couldn’t help herself.
‘Good.’ He gazed directly into her eyes. ‘Open your legs.’ He crouched.
Her middle clenched. Had she heard him right?
‘Open your legs for me. I want to see how wet I’ve made you.’
Was she really going to do this? Not only was this against her practice, to get involved with a patient. He was a murderer. She’d gone insane! His soft lips against hers controlled the next movement. Her legs opened, and revealed the saturated silk.
‘That’s it. A bit more,’ he whispered.
She widened further. He ran his cuffed hand up her thigh, and soon his thumb was pressed against her silk panties.
‘You are so wet.’
He pushed the silk to the side to reveal her swollen lips, and began to play with her wet lips gently.
‘Oh god,’ she panted.
‘That’s it. Breathe on me.’ He pressed his thumb harder against her middle.
‘This…this is wrong...’
‘Is this wrong?’ He circled her clit with his thumb and then pushed it into her. ‘Tell me how wrong this is.’ He moved faster.
She couldn’t speak. Instead she tried her best not to shout out loud. With his other hand he took the pen and pushed it into the side of his shoe. She was far gone. He kept speaking to her. Telling her just how delicious she was.
‘Shit!’ she let out a little loud.
‘Come for me,’ he whispered and he placed his other hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. ‘Come for me before the guards walk in.’ His touch, his thumb in her middle made it hard for her to breathe. All reasoning had left her. All she felt was the urge to orgasm. The tension, the threat that they could get caught heightened it all. This wasn’t who she was, but as she opened her legs further and accepted his thumb as he fucked her, she was exactly who she needed to be.

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