Monday, 1 June 2015

Missing Persons (Into Darkness Vol 2)

Did she feed Gavin to her party guests? That’s to be seen. What drives someone to murder? Debra has crossed over to the dark side, and there is no turning back. Killing has liberated her in a way she never expected. Debra now sees life in a different light. The woman who had once been Debra is no longer there. Even Julian will realise that. But how long can she fool everyone? How will it end for her? Sometimes a person can only live a day at a time, and only wait and see what the future holds.


‘Are you accusing me of something because if you are I have to call my lawyer. There will be no more questions.’
He put the coffee mug on the counter. And gazed at her. He couldn’t help it. He should’ve left, got in another detective who wasn’t going to be blinded by her seductiveness, but he couldn’t move.
‘What did he do to you?’ he asked as he moved closer to her, his eyes on hers. ‘What did your husband do to you to make you this way?’ He took the mug from her hand and put it down.
She’d thought that this was her game, but the man standing ever so close had taken back the game. It was in his power to do as he pleased. She was already weakened by him.
‘Tell me.’ He lifted her chin, his lips so close to hers she felt his warm breath. ‘There is something about you I just can’t shake.’
She watched him, not sure how to respond.
‘I’ve been going through it in my mind, over and over again and it all trails back to you. He hurt you didn’t he?’ He pulled the belt to the gown and it opened. She gasped, she should’ve walked away, but she didn’t want to. ‘I saw the bruises, and we both know you didn’t fall down the stairs.’
‘What do you want?’
He thought he knew what he wanted, but now he wasn’t so sure. Instead of an answer he pressed his lips against hers hard. The gown fell to the floor, and with seconds he lifted her to the kitchen counter, spread her legs and pulled down his trousers. In a matter of moments he was fucking her! Hard! Fast! And animalistic! Their bodies spoke, reason went out the window. This wasn’t what he’d planned, but it didn’t come to mind. She was too delicious to resist, too hard to keep his dick in his pants. The woman on the counter, shouting and screaming had just taken his world and turned it upside down and complicated it.
A Volvo parked just outside the house. Julian had been worried. He’d called her all morning and still hadn’t got an answer. He hoped she was okay. He noticed the black Mondeo and pondered a moment. Why was it there? Did this have something to do with the case? He’d seen cars like that before. Usually at court hearings.
‘Shit!’ he rushed for the door. She probably needed his help.
Instead of ringing the bell like he normally would, he turned the handle and stepped in. He noticed the suitcases, and then he heard the sounds. At first he thought she was being hurt and rushed towards the sounds until he saw them. A bare white bum with caramel legs wrapped around it.
‘Fuck! YES! Fuuuuuuk!’ She screamed. ‘He made me this way!’ she shouted. ‘Fuck!’ His thick cock pounded harder and harder. He panted, he groaned, grasped her chin between his hand! The two were oblivious to the audience they’d just obtained.
Shattered he stepped back and leaned into the wall out of sight.
‘Oh god yes! Yes! YES!’ she screamed louder and louder.
Julian’s hands turned to fists as he heard them pant and yell, and as they finally reached their climax. It was supposed to be him. She’d opened up to him! He’d waited for her for so long, and this man just walks in and takes her! He was seething. There were no words to describe what he felt. He didn’t know whether he should stay or go. It was complicated.

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