Thursday, 14 July 2016

New book Out!

So it’s finally here! The second part to the Unexpected Love series is now available on Amazon. It has taken longer than I would’ve liked, but it’s finally finished! So Angelica has a lot of challenges ahead of her, but she will eventually find her way through the wilderness of her life. I’m glad to say I’m happy with the way the story has ended. I had no idea how it would end, but it did and as usual it took me on an interesting journey. I hope you enjoy!


Angelica has finally walked down the aisle, but the more time she spends with Elliott, the more she begins to question the relationship. On their honeymoon things take a turn for the worst and it is then that she sees the real Elliott.
For a short while Angelica tries to keep everything together. She keeps up with the healthy eating habits and exercise regime, but when Elliott begins to control who she can be friends with, things change. Elliott wants complete control over everything she does! Angelica has to make some hard choices and, Elliott will not let her go easily. She belongs to him, and he will make sure he keeps her.
Angelica finally understands the true meaning of love and the sacrifices she has to make to finally be herself again.


The driver slid into the driver seat and drove her home. When she got home she wasn’t expecting to see Elliott, he’d left for the day, but he’d opened the door as soon as she arrived. She wasn’t that surprised, the women must have told him exactly what had happened, but at this point she was beyond caring.
‘What the hell happened?’ He sounded mad.
Angelica clutched to her handbag as she approached him. She knew that anything could happen, but she’d had enough.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ She pushed past him. This move shocked him. He’d never known her this way.
‘I’m talking about the scene you caused today at the restaurant. Ellen and Willow weren’t exactly pleased.’
‘Oh sorry for them.’ She headed for the stairs.
‘What is with you?’ He followed behind her, but she didn’t reply or stop. You’re acting crazy!’
‘No!’ She stopped a moment. ‘The day I started acting crazy was when I believed I had to change for you. That’s madness!’ She entered the bedroom and headed for the closet. There were a few suitcases at the end of the closet, the ones they’d used when they went on their honeymoon. She pulled one from the top shelf.
‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ he asked.
He was silent a while, while he processed this information.
‘Something I should’ve done a long time ago.’
‘I will kill your mother and your brother. He’s on his way to Sierra Leone, anything could happen.’
Her heart picked up pace. She didn’t want anything to happen to her family, but she had to take care of herself or else she would cease to exist.
‘Do what you have to do.’ She didn’t mean that, but what else could she say. She began to take the clothes and put them in the suitcase.
‘You don’t get to take the clothes I bought you. You want to leave? You leave with nothing!’ He hated losing. He was in control, not her.
She stopped packing. ‘You’re right, these are not my real size clothing anyway!’
His nose flared, he was losing control. ‘Who do you think you are?’ He stepped forward towards her as if to strike her. ‘I’ll…’
‘You’ll what?’ she asked boldly even though she was terrified.
‘Kill you!’ He was livid.
She stood up and faced him. She loved him dearly it hurt, but she couldn’t keep denying who she was for him. ‘Go ahead. I’d rather die, than live another day denying who I am.’
He was silent a moment. He wasn’t expecting that response. He wanted fear and obedience, but Angelica was no longer a caged animal. She was fighting for her freedom; she was putting herself first for a change. If it meant a life without him, then that was how it was going to be. 

What’s happening end of this week?

So if you haven’t already read the first part to the Unexpected Love series, now is your chance to get it free. Starting from the 15th of July until the 20th, you can download it for free! So hurry up and get your copy. 
Not much else to tell you about what’s happening this week with regards to books and my work. I will definitely be working on the next story which I’m excited about it, but have no idea how it will go. I guess that’s the exciting part of writing.  So keep your eyes out for the new book.

On a personal note - A little bit about me and the crazy thing I did this week.

So Iris decided to cut her locks. Yep. I’ve been growing my natural hair for a good four years and then suddenly I felt the need to get rid of it all. I guess I was tired of the long process of maintaining it and then never having it out in the open. Now I just wash and go, it’s brilliant. So here are a couple photos of my new hairstyle :-).

As always stay blessed!

- Iris

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