Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Demon King (Mate Series book 1)

Lavender is a wolf, or so she thought. She hasn't been the strongest or the fastest and there's a reason for that. Strong and independent, Lavender tries to prove that she doesn't want or need a mate. She does this by leaving her pack and building a business of her own as a fixer. But her life isn't her own, and she does belong to someone, and he's out to get her. That is of course if he can get past the most powerful wolf there is. Sullivan has taken it upon himself to protect her, but it's more than that. Sullivan likes Lavender, but Lavender doesn't want a mate. So while they fight evil, their need for each other grows. Will she one day give into the wolf and be his? That will all depend on what the demon king wants.

This story is now available on Amazon!

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