Friday, 9 September 2016

New Standalone story

So I've decided to do something a little different with this story. Instead of having it in parts, I've put it all into one book. This new story is not so new, not the first half of it. I had originally called the Story 'Tell Me Why.'  But after giving it some thought I decided to complete the whole story. So here you have it. A standalone. No waiting for the next series, you can find out what happens all in one book. 

This book is now available on Amazon

Two dark pasts meet. Freya has a dark past that no one knows about. She hides it, but not well enough because her substance abuse has taken over her life. Funnily she’s a successful business woman and has some good relationships, but one night something triggers her past so much that she can’t take it. That night she meets Ferguson, the billionaire who also has a dark past.
Ferguson is at a party when he’s called away for an emergency, and this is when Freya and Ferguson’s paths meet. The two have to help each other defeat the demons of their pasts, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Can two traumatised people finally find peace with each other, even if it means that it isn’t the healthiest way? Time will tell.

What's next?

Well I'm starting to work on story about a surrogate. I'm not sure which direction it will take so I can't really say what it's about. I have an idea, but like most of my ideas, they change all the time. I start discovering new things about the story I didn't know would come about. I guess that's what makes the stories exciting to write. 

On the personal front

Things are going steadily for me. As a writer things can be a little bit uneasy because you never know what book readers will like. I'm still enjoying being in a relationship. It's been interesting to go from single for a good six years to being in a relationship. I do like having someone, it's nicer. It's fun as well.  Next month we'll be going to Italy, which will be exciting. I hope to take some good pictures and share them on the blog with you. I've never been to Italy, so I'm certain I'm going to enjoy it!

That's all for now. 

- Iris

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