Friday, 6 October 2017

Bittersweet (Abandoned Hearts Series book 1)

So, I started writing this story last Friday. I had it all figured out, or so I thought. On Tuesday while I was writing the scene for that day it took a sudden turn! Noooo! It wasn’t supposed to end that way! I told myself. It was supposed to end the way I’d planned. I had promised myself to stick to what I had planned, but that didn’t happen. I can’t undo a new idea and fighting it just isn’t worth it. I couldn’t chase the idea away, it didn’t matter how much I tried to reason with it. So here you have it, the story told as it wants to be told. Bittersweet!

Everything was perfect until she announced she was pregnant…and then it wasn’t.
Married for six years, Skylar and Noah are the perfect couple. She’s CEO to a big business and he runs his own restaurant. He is tall, sexy and the most wonderful man she’s ever know, and she is beautiful, confident and is often referred to as the ‘ice queen or bitch’ at work. This doesn’t faze Skylar, she didn’t get to where she is by being nice. But one day not feeling like herself, she unexpectedly finds out she’s pregnant. Once the news is broken to Noah, shaken by his response, she suddenly realises how little she really knows him and begins to doubt their relationship.
As she tries to convince him that this might be the best thing that’s happened to them, that life is more than money and chasing career goals, the more he resists, until something strange happens. A shift within the relationship changes everything, but instead of questioning it, Skylar blindly accepts that things were meant to be. If only it was that simple!

‘Oh my god.’ She burst into laughter. Not a reaction she expected, but it happened. She just couldn’t stop laughing. ‘Really?’ She covered her mouth astonished. ‘Oh god. This is…’ She had no words. She didn’t feel upset or angry, in fact she felt happy. With that thought she put her hand to her belly and rubbed it gently. ‘Is it possible? Am I even a woman?’ She giggled. The times she’d been called an ice queen made her feel as though she had no ovaries, but she knew that wasn’t true. Deep down she was a lovely person.
She flushed the toilet, cleaned up and headed back to her office.
‘You can come in now, Claire.’
Claire walked back in, but noticed that her boss was a little different. ‘Are you sure you’re okay?’
‘Sit down.’ She said.
‘Am I being fired?’
‘Oh, don’t be so dramatic. I have brought you with me everywhere.’
‘Oh, thank god.’
‘Are you serious? You know me better than that.’
‘It’s just you’re acting so strange.’
‘That’s because.’ She stalled.
‘I just found out I’m pregnant!’
‘Oh my god!’
‘I know!’
‘Are we happy or…’
‘We’re happy…I think!’
‘Oh my god. Congratulations!’
‘Thank you.’
‘Can I give you a hug?’
‘I’ll let you,’ Skylar teased.
Claire came around the desk and gave her boss and friend a hug.
‘Don’t you dare say a word to anyone. You know what they’re like about babies.’
‘I won’t. My lips are sealed. But what are you going to do?’
‘I will cross that bridge when I get there. For now, I don’t want anyone to know.’
‘And to think I had some terrible disease.’
‘I haven’t been myself. Noah has been telling me to go to the doctor, but I kept putting it off.’
‘What made you decided to take the test?’
‘I’ve been so busy that I didn’t notice that my period was late. It was only when I was sick in the bathroom at the client meeting did it click. That’s what prompted me.’
‘Well I am happy for you.’
‘Yeah… strange. I never really thought about children. I’ve always been so focused on my career that it wasn’t something I thought about.’
Claire smiled.
‘Anyway, I better get back to work. We signed the deal so that’s going to be good news for the shareholders, but now I have to see what my staff have done to bring in more business. I always dread these meetings, especially when I don’t get what I want.’
‘And yet you do.’
She laughed. ‘You’re right I do, but it’s such hard work keeping up this image. It’s going to be tougher now that I am pregnant. I have no idea how I’m going to spin this.’
‘You’ll figure it out like you always do.’
‘I guess, but this is both scary and exciting. I have a little life inside me. So, it’s not like running a business.’
‘You’ll do just fine, just call your sister, she’ll set you straight.’
Skylar laughed, that was so true, her big sister was the only one who could calm her down, or put her in her place when she was getting out of line. ‘Yeah, you’re right, in fact I’ll give her a call now before the meeting, see if I can’t steal a moment of her time.’
‘Good luck.’

 I hope you enjoy the story! This story is available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes &Noble, Apple bookstore, Scribd, kobo, Tolino 24 symbols, Inktera, Overdrive and Playster.

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