Sunday, 8 April 2018

Brief update

Iris Deorre is very busy, but loving every moment of it! This does not  mean I have stopped writing, it just means I've slowed down a bit. I am slowly working on the next book to the Shattered series. I can't be exact when I will be done, but just know that I am working on it. 

So what has slowed me down? Well I have started a new job. Although it is part-time it has taken up some of my writing time. I am also studying, I'm in my second year of a psychology degree, for those of you who don't know. I am getting to the end of my module for this year, so once I have finished it - that will be around the end of May - I will have more time to write. 

It is a lot at the moment, but I do enjoy everything I do and I am sure that the more I learn and experience in my life, the more these experiences will appear in my writing. I hope this helps you understand why I've slowed down a little, and not to worry. I have not stopped writing!

Keep your eyes peeled for next story!

- Iris

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Free book limited time only!

From the 23rd to the 27th of February, my book A Different kind of Love, will be FREE! Yes, that's right! You will have the opportunity to own the whole eBook for free. Please make sure you download it from Amazon between the dates mentioned!

I have also lowered most of my books to 0.99 c, which means you'll be able to get most of my books for this low price. All these books are stories I wrote a while ago and would love for people to read them. I am in the middle of writing book two of the SHATTERED series, so keep your eyes out for it! It will take a while but I have started on it. 

You can find the story to download on these two links!

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New Year, new book

Happy 2018! I hope it will be a great one. I have been working on this story for a few months and it's finally out. I'm happy that it's done. It hasn't been easy to write, but I have enjoyed every moment of it and I hope you do too. It's another a story on mental health. One of the reasons I am writing about it is because of my studies and working with people with mental health. I hope that this story brings awareness, but I also hope you enjoy it!

Audrey has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and range of other mental health problems. She has never been in love and has spent time in and out of hospital. Audrey is afraid to take a shower in her own apartment because she thinks something bad would happen to her family. Its how her mind works, something a lot of people don’t understand. Audrey feels alone, and this only exacerbates her anxiety. The one good thing in her life is her passion for art. Audrey is a great artist and has held a job as a designer for seven years. Cruelty at work, although subtle, exists, and not a lot is done for her mental health in the work place.

But one day, Audrey’s life is about to change when Ashton moves into the apartment next door. The tall dark-haired hunk changes her whole world, or so it seems. Ashton has done something no psychiatrist has been able to do. Even Audrey’s mother, Stella, is shocked, in fact she is a little worried. How could this man change her daughter so swiftly? Could Ashton be the answer to her mental health issues? Does love conquer all or does it expose all? 

This book is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US


- Iris 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Sweet Surrender (Abandon hearts series book 3)

The final to the Abandon Hearts series is now available. It's available on all outlets.

What happens to Skylar now? The man she thought she would love for the rest of her life has disappeared. Has he done all those things he’s been accused of? What about her unborn son? What will she tell him about his father? Skylar doesn’t want to believe her husband is a killer, but when a body is found, more things begin to unfold and there’s a lot more to Noah than she cares to know about.

It’s a long road ahead, and after the news of the murders comes out, Skylar loses her job. Her life is ruined by a man who had never been honest from the beginning, and she begins to question herself and everything she’s believed in. What happens now? Is this the end of her life too? Skylar has to discover just how strong she is. 

Hope you enjoy!

- Iris

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Broken Wings -New release Updated

Hello beautiful people

This is just an update of my new release. It seems my video didn't show on mobile format for those who subscribe to my blog.

So here's my video link if you didn't manage to see in the previous post. 

You can find it here : Broken Wings video 

Hope you've had a lovely weekend! Look out for a new story coming out pretty soon.

Stay blessed


Friday, 10 November 2017

Broken Wings -New story

I decided that instead of just writing about my new book, I would tell you about it. Have a look at my video below. The word tape at the end tells you just how old I am!

I hope you enjoyed that. For more detail about my book see below.

It was supposed to be the best day of her life. Morgan had waited seven years for this day, but on that day, the man of her dreams decided he didn’t want to marry her. Morgan’s world came crushing to the ground. This wasn’t the first time Xander had let her down, he had a habit of leaving and reappearing into her life.
As a surgeon and an older woman, it wasn’t expected that his departure would trigger Morgan to start to self-harm.  Morgan begins to struggle with her mental health and it doesn’t matter how hard she tries, she can’t stop hurting herself.  Shame and fear keep her from seeking help for a while, but there comes a point when she can no longer take it and it’s either sink or swim. Morgan needs help, some sort of life line. Will she receive one or will she sink? Will the man she once loved help or hinder her? There are so many roads she can take, but only one road will bring her back to normal. The only problem is, Morgan struggles with making the right decisions. Sometimes love can conquer all, sometimes old love can conquer all and sometimes love isn’t enough. Only Morgan can make that decision and perhaps the best love she can receive is the love she gives herself.

This is a story of overcoming and understanding that mental health isn’t sentence of doom, but sometimes it’s an awakening to the true self.


‘No. It’s fine. These things need sorting I guess. This wasn’t what they expected.’ She forced a smile. ‘Excuse me a sec. Need the loo.’ She left them and rushed upstairs.

She locked the door behind her and grabbed the scissors. She didn’t want to do this. She knew this wasn’t a solution, and that the more she cut herself the worse she’d make her skin, but even with that thought, she just couldn’t help it. She couldn’t not do it; the emotional pain was demanding to be heard or suppressed. The emotional pain was intense, she wanted it out of her body, she wanted it to leave her alone. It felt as thought she’d been possessed by something evil that was causing her so much pain that she had no power to get rid of it except mark herself again with the scissors. She drew a line parallel to the one she had made earlier that morning. It was as if the evil departed as the blood dripped out, relieving her once again!

‘Everything okay?’ Jade asked once Morgan walked back into the kitchen.

‘Yes fine. I want you guys to stop worrying about me, I’m doing okay.’

‘What about Xander? Have you heard from him?’

‘No.’ She didn’t want to talk about it, but she knew her friend meant well. ‘He’ll come around when he’s ready.’

Milo opened and shut his mouth, he wanted to tell her what he would do to the bastard, as well as tell her not to take him back, but they had been down that road before.

This book is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK

Hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed telling it.

- Iris 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Sweet Sorrow (Abandoned hearts series book 2)

The second book to the Abandoned series is now available on all outlets. I hope you enjoy the second installment. 

Sometimes love blinds you to what is right in front of you. Skylar has pushed aside what had happened between her and Noah and lives life as if everything is normal. It’s only when questions begin to be asked does Skylar begin to question herself. She may be successful at business, but when it comes to love, she becomes blind to what is. Her life is turn upside down once again, just when she thought her husband was being a good man. Everything has changed and now she needs to make sense of it all and decide the way forward. Would she ever be able to trust again? Would there be a man who didn’t hurt her so much? Only time will tell, in the mean time she has to face the darkness that is right in front of her so that at some point she can finally be in the light once again!


She found him begging on a street corner a block away.
‘Remember me?’ she asked.
‘Who are you?’
‘I asked you about the restaurant owner. You said you knew Lucy.’
‘Who are you?’ he asked again.
She pulled her mobile from her pocket and showed him the Lucy’s picture. He seemed saddened.
‘Do you know what happened to her?’
He was silent.
‘Do you know what happened to this lady? Did you see her leave and get into a car?’
‘Who are you?’ he asked again, and she wondered if he was a bit looney or he was just being cautious.
‘I’m a detective. I’m looking for this lady. Her parents are very worried about her. If you can help me that would be great.’ She put the phone closer, so he could take a good look at her face.
‘Do you know her?’ she kept her voice calm. She would be as patient as she could be. That was the only way she would get answers.
‘She’s really pretty.’
‘Yes, she is. Did you see her at all?’
‘She gives me coffee, but not anymore.’
She sucked in a deep breath. They were going in circles. Did he even know who he was?
‘Have you seen her?’
He was silent, then looked out into the street. She moved towards him and looked into his eyes. He had a vacant look. ‘Sir.’ She changed the picture to Noah’s. ‘Do you know this man?’
He didn’t move.
This time he tilted his head to the side and looked. ‘Bad man,’ he said and looked away.
‘Sir. Do you know him?’ She was onto something.
‘Bad man. Very bad man.’
‘Why do you say that?’ he looked around him, crouched, picked up his rucksack and sleeping bag. He started to walk away.
‘Sir.’ She rushed after him.
‘Who are you?’ he said once again.

Hope you enjoy!
- Iris