Monday, 1 October 2012

The Man I used to Be

My New novella The Man I used to Be is now available at Amazon, Kobo & Smashwords and will aslo soon be available at B&N, Apple, Sony.

Until the first of November you can get it free from smashwords using the coupon below:


Craig is a player; he collects girl’s numbers like trophies. It’s fun for him, it makes him feel like the ‘Man’ until the day he meets Papaya. She’s different. He can’t get her into bed that easily, not until she gets to know him better.

Papaya is a beautiful and confident woman and someone Craig really wants to ‘conquer’ so he goes along with the dating thing hoping that one day she will give him the goods.

A month later he gets his wish and it’s more than he expected. Papaya maybe sweet and innocent on the outside but behind closed doors she has a very naughty side. Craig is pleased that he had waited, but after he got what he wanted he does what he does best, walks away to find his next score. But Papaya won’t go away, in fact, she gives him news he never wanted to hear.

The evening he finally agrees to meet up with her to discuss the unwanted news, they have a fight. He leaves on a bad note and on his way to a date Craig is involved in an accident. When he wakes up and finds himself in hospital he’s not quite the same. Something frightening has happened, something supernatural, at least he thinks so. He can’t explain it to anyone, so he takes on his new life as if it is the normal thing to do.

In his new life he learns a lot about Papaya, things that he had either not noticed or not bothered to care about. He also starts to have feelings for Papaya and for the first time he falls in love. But there is a problem, he’s not the person she knows, he’s someone else. Craig has to learn to cope being someone else and hope that he can be with Papaya, even if it is only as friends.

Even though Craig can’t explain what really happened after the accident it taught him a lot and his life changes for the better. Not just for him but for Papaya.


So the day finally came along when she turned around and told me that it was a big day for us. At that point I had no clue what she meant. We’d just got back from another long date, of long talks about the future. Foreign talk but like I said I went along with it. Then when we got to the door, I leaned in to kiss her good night when she said. ‘Tonight’s the night.’
Those words were like magic. Everything in me came to attention. I was alive, buzzing and ready. Tonight is the night; kept ringing in my ears. My breath increased and even my balls swelled. Was it really going to happen?
She pulled me into the dark house then flooded it with light. Her black hair cascaded down her shoulders over the little red dress she wore. If she had known how many nights I had masturbated to her image, would she still have wanted me? I was so fucking horny. I could visualise her body naked before me. I moved in close towards her and our lips met. Everything inside me began to explode. Her scent was sweet, her body soft. I ran my hands through her thick hair and let them run down to her back. Her neediness for me was loud and clear. Her breathing so heavy, I could only imagine how wet her pussy was.
We wasted no time. My hands found the zip to the dress and pulled it down, it fell to the floor. She stood before me like a goddess, so full and so beautiful.  
Papaya looked at me and for a moment and smiled. There was a hint of mischievousness in her eyes. She held out her hand and I took it and she guided me upstairs. We paused at the door and she turned to me.
‘Don’t freak out,’ she said.
‘What do you mean?’
It was then that she opened the door to reveal what was on the inside. Wow…who would have thought!
She guided me slowly. I was intrigued, my wand was rock hard. She stripped off my clothes hungrily and I stood stark naked with my cock standing to attention. She walked to the corner of the room and retrieved a very thick rope.  I watched; her sudden confidence astonished me. It was like a switch had suddenly gone on within her and a new person had been revealed
She walked over to the chair that looked like a bar stool and climbed on.
‘Tie me up,’ she said.
Obediently I walked towards her, took the rope and waited. Papaya lifted her legs towards her ears; her middle was so wet I couldn’t wait to dip my cock in. The swelling of my balls threatened to erupt but I held back. I brought my focus to the rope in my hand instead.
‘Put it around my knees and around my back, thread through my arms.’
I did as just that. The rope held back her legs, went round her back, threaded through her arms, tying them up too. Her pussy hole expanded and was drenched.
‘Take those and clip them to my breasts.’ She eyed two clips that looked like pegs. It was an odd sensation as I watched her squirm with pain and pleasure. Who was this woman? I wasn’t complaining, the sight of her tied up was sensational. Her long black hair flowed towards the ground.
I had never done this before but it was great just looking at her that way.
‘Now, do as you please with me!’ she said.
If these were the words I’d been waiting for, for the past month, then I was glad I waited!

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