Sunday, 15 June 2014

CONTROLLED (The mind of her billionaire book 2)

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Just because he looks nice, dress’s nice and smells nice, doesn’t mean he plays nice.

How the mind works! Just because a person thinks one way, doesn’t mean everyone has to think that way. Is Amelia immature for falling for the good looking billionaire? No, Amelia is human, and so is Justin. They have two very different views of the world.

As their story unfolds, Amelia learns more about herself and her mistakes. Her mistakes are a chance for growth and not judgement, a chance for understanding and not guilt. Is this the end of her relationship with Justin? Or is this just the beginning? Until there is complete understanding of how the human mind works, there is no way of telling what true love means to an individual. And when the veil is finally pulled from her eyes, she sees everything as it is.


He collapsed into her breathing heavily. Amelia shut her eyes and blinked back the tears and anger. After a while he rolled off her and she turned away from him, she couldn’t face him, she didn’t want to, and she hoped he would never ask her to do it again. It felt like a betrayal to herself, a betrayal of what she felt was true love, her definition of love!
She felt his hand on her shoulder, and he gently turned her back towards him. She quickly wiped away the tears and made sure she wasn’t going to show him any weakness.
‘I love you,’ he said gazing into her eyes.
Amelia bit back her lip, holding back the avalanche of words that were trying to get past.
‘You have to believe me, I love you. Everything I do, is because I love you so much.’
‘So forcing me to go down in dress size is a show of your love?’ She couldn’t help herself.
‘It is. I’m saving you!’ he said.
‘Saving me?!’ The anger rose up within her again. ‘Saving me from what?’
‘I’m saving you from myself,’ he said gently.
She frowned unsure of it all, it made no sense, he was saving her from himself.
‘You can do that by letting me go.’
‘I can’t let you go.’
‘Why not?’ She swallowed back the pain.
‘Because.’ He leaned on his elbow and looked down at her. His eyes were warm, nothing like she’d seen before. ‘Because I need you more than you need me.’
‘I don’t…I don’t understand.’ Her eyes glazed over, she just wanted to go home, she just wanted to be set free!
‘You will, one day you will.’ He lay onto his back and gazed up at the ceiling.
Amelia sniffed and wiped the tear that had escaped her eye. Everything he’d said, just didn’t make any sense at all. He needed her more than she needed him??
‘Get some sleep, we have a big day ahead of us.’
Amelia didn’t even want to think past the next hour, there was nothing left in her to give!

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