Thursday, 5 June 2014

TRAPPED (The Mind of her billionaire)

Part of a new series I'm writing. Trapped is the first in the series. If there is one thing I know for sure, is that looks aren't everything, and neither is money. Sometimes striving for the wrong thing can take a person on a journey unexpected. But as always, lessons are to be learnt and hopefully my heroine will have a deeper understanding to what she really wants. 

Careful what you wish for! Looks aren’t everything, and Amelia knows this. But when it comes to Justin, Amelia just can’t help herself. The billionaire is hot, tall and extremely handsome. He could have any woman he wants without having to lift a finger.

Amelia has never had trouble attracting men. Taller and bigger than most women, Amelia possesses a healthy self-esteem, thanks to her parents. But when it comes to Justin, something inside her just wants to do everything she can to get his attention.

As head of a creative team, Amelia has always managed to impress the board, all except Justin, until one day things change. Suddenly she gets all the attention she wants from him, and her world is complete. Or is it? How far will she go to keep this man? And just when she thinks he’s so into her, something very disturbing shakes the whole relationship. Amelia finds herself trapped!

This is part of a series and Part Two will be available mid June!


Forty minutes later they stopped outside the restaurant. It had a warm feel to it and Amelia felt at home. They were directed to a table, and it seemed as though Justin was well known.

‘This is nice,’ she said as she got comfortable.

‘I’ve been coming here for years! They’re like family to me.’

‘Wow, that’s lovely.’

A waiter appeared with the menus and gave them a moment to decide. After a few minutes he returned to take the order.

‘Ready to order?’ he asked.

‘I’ll have my usual,’ he said to the waiter.

‘Duck breast…’

‘Yes, and everything in between.’

The waiter nodded, and then gazed at Amelia.

‘I think I’ll have the fish and fat chips with peas.’ She could already feel her mouth water just by the sound of it.

‘Actually, get her the house salad,’ he said suddenly.

What had just happened? Amelia wasn’t sure she’d heard him right.

‘Actually, I’d really like the fish and chips,’ she said.

‘House salad,’ he said again to the waiter, then sent him on his way.

It took her by surprise, like a cold fish slap against her face. Had he just placed an order for her?

‘Remember what I said in the car about the body being a temple.’

She nodded slowly.

‘I want you to start treating your body like a temple.’ He smiled then reached out his hand.

Amelia wasn’t sure whether to take it or not. But when she noticed how his grey eyes softened and his charming smile appeared, she found herself placing her hand in his.

It felt amazing! Touching his hands, touching the man she’d been crazy about.

‘You my dear have great potential,’ he said. ‘You have big ideas and big confidence, but that will only carry you so far.’ He smiled. ‘If you want to get ahead, run a company like mine, you’ll have to do more than sell big ideas.’ He let go of her hand and withdrew.

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