Thursday, 26 June 2014

FREED (Mind of her billionaire)

The last in the series The mind of her billionaire. I've really enjoyed writing this. I had no idea where it was going to end up, and I just let it flow with me. I hope you enjoy reading it, the same way I enjoyed writing it!

Amelia’s life becomes a whirlwind of events. She’s forced into being an instant billionaire, and is carrying Justin’s child. From a person looking from the outside in, life seems pretty good, after all she can afford anything. But it is anything but rosy. Roses do come with thorns and her thorn is Justin.

This odd relationship takes an odd route. It’s a love hate relationship for both parties. But eventually, each one will have to come to an agreement, for the child that is soon to be part of their lives.

Life has its surprises, but in the end life just is. Happiness is a choice. Will Amelia choose happiness? What is happiness anyway? Only Amelia can make that choice. 

Available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, ARE, Barnes&Noble and soon on Apple. 

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